Justification (Romans #4)

Justification means a defence. To be justified is have been successfully defended in court.

God is Justified

What advantage then hath the Jew?

  • If circumcision didn’t have any effect on their standing with God, what was the point?
  • The benefit was in what they were given.
  • Being a Jew didn’t mean now you can do whatever you want and God accepts anything you do.

unto them were committed the oracles of God

  • The Bible is a Jewish book.  It is written by Jewish authors.
  • Righteousness revealed in the oracles of God – oratory, oration, oral, utterance.  This is the most clear revelation of God’s righteousness; a written down record.  Jews were advantaged in being given it.
  • It was one of the first acts of a Father son relationship. God called Israel His son when Israel was redeemed out of Egypt.  And that was the first time Israel was given the law of God.  Expectations were set, revelation was made as to who God is.

shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?

  • If God blesses Israel regardless of their belief or unbelief, then what difference does faith make?

unrighteousness commend the righteousness of God

  • Good doesn’t need evil to be good, there is no yin and yang.
  • You don’t highlight the righteousness of God by unrighteousness.  Righteousness highlights unrighteousness, but righteousness doesn’t need unrighteousness.
  • The relationship is not that you don’t have one without the other.  That is a man’s thought process.  In fact righteousness, holiness, goodness all existed before being perverted by sin.

Man is Guilty

...none righteous

  • Includes himself with the slanderers
  • All of mankind is put under the curse because of what we do
  • Shows the work of many members of the body as instruments of unrighteousness

...that every mouth may be stopped

  • law is for lawbreakers
  • innocent people are not pulled into court off the street, there is always a “charge” associated with the case
  • The law is not a defense. Murderer before a judge says, I didn’t steal anything.  Or a thief hauled into court saying, I didn’t murder anyone.  Well, that’s irelevent to the trial.  He’s trying to use the law to justify himself.  Like an unsaved man being asked if he’s going to heaven and he says, Yes, I’m good.  Why?  I’ve never killed anyone.  Using the law to justify himself doesn’t work.

Jesus Christ Justifies the Guilty

But now

  • Up to this point in Romans, God has revealed himself in three ways: Creation, Conscience, and Scriptures.  He is about to reveal Himself as a man.
  • At every point, man has tried to get out of the light.
  • Justification/Defense is free by the grace of God through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus
  • The Holy Spirit through Paul has shown the reader his true nature and position before God if Jesus Christ doesn’t intervene.