Servants of Sin (Romans #9)

Text: Romans 6:15-23

Romans 6-7 are the recipe for practical victory over sin.

Not under the law (6:15)

  • Now that I’m not under the law, now that there is no leash so to speak, does that mean I can just do whatever I want to do?
  • Matthew 5:17 the law is fulfilled in Christ.  True substitution has been made.
  • Does Jesus Christ’s fulfilment of the law for Christians make Christians comfortable?  Yes.  Is it wrong because it makes Christians comfortable? No.
    • There is a difference between Jesus  as Savior and Jesus as Lord.  The graciousness of Jesus Christ means he’s willing to be Savior without being Lord.
    • 1 Corinthians 3:9-15
  • Salvation is not the end of the road, it is the beginning.  Security also makes for much more productive people.
  • Question came up the other day with someone who wanted to visit about eternal security. “So you can just keep sinning?”  Yes.

Sin is a Cruel Master (6:16)

  • You don’t get rid of sin until you die, but that doesn’t mean it has to tell you what to do.
  • You and I do what we want to do.  We yield to who we want to yield to.  We will either obey the flesh, or obey the Holy Spirit.   The fact is we yield to whoever we want to yield to.
  • People say I just can’t stop doing this or doing that.  No matter how hard I try I can’t stop.  What they mean is, I’m not responsible anymore.  I’m a victim here.  Before you’re saved your flesh had no rivals.
    • #1 – They made some choices early on because of the pleasure involved in that sin.
    • #2 – Now, they are servants to that sin.  The pleasure is gone and the real purpose of that sin is taking effect.
    • People don’t realize just how cruel a taskmaster sin is.

Salvation is the Power to Change (6:17-18)

  • God be thanked!
  • Lasting change there again – sanctification
  • Someone who is born again will hate things he use to love and love things he use to hate.  Does that mean he will always act in accordance with what’s going on internally? No.
  • Obeyed (Hands), an act of the will based on conviction of the heart brought about by the light of scriptural doctrine.
    • If a person prayed a prayer, but nothing changed internally, no convictions etc., the question really is what were they praying about?  Because conviction is what moves souls to repent.
  • Heart (Heart),
  • Doctrine (Head) – having the right doctrine the first most important thing.
    • 1 Timothy 1:3 – charge them to teach no other doctrine

Servants (6:19-20)

  • as ye have yielded – God is not responsible for anyone’s dirty life
    • God made me this way
    • Or the drunk who blames Jesus Christ saying he made alcohol at a wedding one time.  Are you kidding?  You’re going to blame Jesus Christ for your filth?
    • Or the Sodomite that says God made me this way.
  • iniquity unto iniquity – the progression of sin
    • nobody starts out a serial killer
    • Dillinger Illustration
  • The world makes fun of Christians for being free from sin.  It’s one of those forms of ridicule people use when they are on the losing side when there are no facts or there is no data to support their position.  Ridicule for not getting drunk with everyone else.  Ridicule for not partying with everyone else.

Consider the Fruit (6:21-23)

  • It was sin that put you in the position of needing a savior to begin with
  • It was sin that brought with it regret, contention, hatred, death
  • Judge your present decisions by what sin has caused in the past if you have to.  The things you regret have come from the decisions to yield to sin.

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