The Ark as Jesus Christ

Text: Genesis 6-8

The Ark was God’s Provision and Jesus Christ is God’s Provision

Make thee an ark…

  • Grace of God (1 Corinthians 1:4)
  • God makes provision to avoid judgment on sin.
  • Matthew 24:37-39… people disregarded God and went about their business
  • 2 Peter 2:5… the ark was preached about and disregarded
  • Hebrews 11:7… Noah condemned the world
  • Application: the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ was public
  • John 18:20… Jesus public ministry, a testimony to the way we should be
  • Titus 2:11.. appeared to all men

The Ark was Secure Salvation and Jesus Christ is Secure Salvation

Pitch it within and without with pitch (6:14)

  • The Ark was completely sealed
  • All in Jesus Christ are sealed (Eph. 4:30)
  • Application: The kids asked why no water seeped into the ark?  The ark was tossed around on the waves in the and pushed about, but the wrath of God never touched those onboard…likewise the flames of hell will never touch the believer

The Ark was Built to Endure the Wrath of God and Jesus Christ Came to Endure the Wrath of God

This is the fashion which thou shalt make it of…(6:15)

  • The Ark was not beautiful, it was a vessel made to bear the wrath of God
  • Jesus Christ was not made to be beautiful but to bear the wrath of God (Isa. 53:2)

God’s Promises were in the Ark and in Jesus Christ

but with thee will I establish my covenant… (6:18)

  • promises of God to those IN the ark
  • promises of God to those IN Jesus Christ (Eph. 3:6, 11)
  • everything you get from God you get through Jesus Christ
  • the promises are in the Ark, you can get on board or stay off

The Ark was Life, Jesus Christ is Life

to keep them alive with thee… to keep them alive…(6:19-20)

  • the Ark was life
  • Jesus Christ is life (John 14:6, 10:10)

Entering the ark meant leaving this world behind

  • God did not tell them when or even if they’d come out of the ark
  • Following Jesus Christ means leaving this world behind (Luke 9:62 & 2 Tim. 2:4)
  • the Lord shut them in… (7:16)

The Ark had to be Lifted Up and Jesus Christ had to be Lifted Up

and the waters increased, and bare up the ark and it was lift up above the earth (7:17)

  • Jesus Christ had to be lifted up (John 12:32)

The Ark was the Only Salvation, Jesus Christ is the Only Salvation

  • the Ark was the only method of salvation
  • Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation (Acts 4:12)

The Ark Rested When the Work was Done and Jesus Christ Rested When His Work Was Done

and the ark rested in the seventh month on the seventeenth day of the month (8:4)

  • When the work was done, the ark rested. Application: Hebrews 1:3
  • the ark had a definite task to do and after completion it rested
  • Jesus Christ set out with a certain task and rested after it was finished (Heb. 10:11)