Division (John #22)

Text: John 7

John 7:43 So there was a division among the people because of him.  This verse summarizes this entire chapter.  Jesus Christ brings division.  This is not a popular message.

Faith in Jesus Christ causes division.

Division in the Family (7:1-9)

  • This is the most painful division.
    • Many of you have the added encouragement of your family being in church with you.  One of you got saved and now that has affected your entire family and you are able to go to church together.
    • But the reality for most is that when the Lord changed your life it caused a riff in your family.
    • Encourage you that we are a church family.
  • Jesus’ brothers didn’t believe him.  They sarcastically suggest he go perform for the crowd so he can get the popularity they think he wants.
    • and thy house is said one time in the Bible yet you and I have heard sermons on that one verse and how a person taking the gospel to their home to see their house get saved
  • 7:6 my time is not yet come, but your time is alway ready.
    • It was just his “time”
    • How is that for Calvinist thinking?  You could die any time, early, late, wrongfully rightfully.  You don’t know how long you have.  You don’t have the luxury of rejection.  Today is the day of salvation.
    • Jesus says to his brothers you go on ahead since you’re safe.  You’re just like them so they won’t have anything against you.  But me they will want to kill and its not my time to die.
  • Teacher graded on a curve and you had the one student that would make a hundred and ruin the curve.  That is Jesus Christ to a sinner.
  • Encouragement for those who face this.  We have not a high priest who cannot be touched with our infirmities, but was in all points tempted like as we are.

Division over Morals (7:10-13)

    • No one argued about Jesus being a carpenter.  The argument about the Lord Jesus Christ was a moral argument.  Some said he’s good and the others said he deceives the people.
    • Question of ethics.  What is good?
      • I’ve seen one of the most interesting definitions of good I’ve ever seen before.
      • Genesis 1:4 first time it shows up in context of light.  “Good” will show up 6 more times in Genesis 1 for a total of 7 times to describe creation as an extension of God’s attributes.  Romans reiterates that truth that the invisible attributes of God are clearly seen in creation, the invisible things of God being understood by what is visible.
      • Jesus addressed one time as Good Master to which he replied none is good but God.  Basically asking, are you calling me God?
      • Good has to do with revelation, exposure, seeing something for what it truly is.  That was the charge they levelled here that Jesus was deceiving the people.  Not that he wasn’t doing any miracles, but that he was deceiving the people.  He had malicious intent.  Others said, no, he is just good.  There is no other motive other than he loves the people.
      • Ephesians 5:8-9 – walk as children of the light… (for the fruit of the spirit is in goodness)…
    • Division is between good and evil –
      • men loved darkness because their deeds were evil.  So the basis for believing that Jesus Christ is a liar is simply because someone doesn’t want to be exposed.
  • If we say we have no sin, we make him a liar.
  • Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ reduced to five words – He went about doing good

Division over Religion (7:14-31)

  • Jesus divides between what is right and what is hypocritical.
  • People will be divided over what is sacred.
  • vs 17 is fellowship – your will matches God’s will that is fellowship – fellowship is the opposite of division
    • Can two walk together except they be agreed? as Amos said.
    • I just can’t get anything out of the Bible can be a statement more about your obedience than about the words of God.
  • vs 23 – he points out their hypocrisy
    • Take down the ten commandments.  We can’t have that religious stuff.
    • If the government says thou shalt not kill, which it does, you don’t have a problem with it coming from that source.  Hypocrisy.
  • vs 24 – judge not… most people only know that part of a verse.  How about finishing the verse?  Why don’t they mention that Jesus Christ commanded righteous judgment?
  • Division in the body of Christ when unrighteous motives and pride enter into a congregation.

Division over the Destination (7:32-39)

  • Lots of talk about the problems, but what about the solution?  Politicians will blame politicians, poor will blame rich, race will blame race, old will blame young, young will blame old.  What about the solution?  The Lord Jesus Christ – I am the way, the truth and the life.
  • Separated from the Lord Jesus Christ, there are no answers.
  • vs 34 – not everyone goes to the same place.  Weren’t these the most religious men in the nation?  Did they attend the temple?  Did they minister?  The basis for the division from Jesus Christ and ultimately winding up in hell is in vs 38 – the basis is belief on Jesus.
  • religion will take you further away from the Lord Jesus Christ, sometimes while invoking his name
  • draw near to me with their mouths but their hearts are far from me
  • by your traditions make the word of God of none effect

Division over His Identity (7:40-44)

  • People will be divided over who Jesus is.
  • Who Jesus Christ is to you is the most important question you will answer in your life.
    • Jesus asked it to Peter.
    • It’s a question you and I should have at the front of our minds when are tempted.
  • It’s a very practical question because it has the ability to guide your actions.
    • The most important question you will answer before you leave this sanctuary is, Who is Jesus Christ to you?
    • The most important question you’ll answer Monday morning when you wake up is, Who is Jesus Christ to you?
  • He is Savior, Redeemer – you and I still have some paganism because pagans believe they have to suffer for their sins
    • before you got saved you were wicked.
    • Sam Gipp story of stealing cars.  Then his car got stolen.  Christian brother says, well you know why that happened don’t you?  Because you use to steal cars.  So you mean to tell me that the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ plus retribution for what you did.
    • Let me tell you something, if he didn’t take care of it, there isn’t a thing you or I can do to fix it.

Division over the Truth (7:45-53)

  • People will be divided over what truth is, how to get it, and what is the source of an education.
  • Pharisees said the people were cursed because they were uneducated: hillbillies.
    • Nicodemus rightly points out the hypocrisy and they strike back with accusation, but no truth.
    • Prophet out of Galilee was Jonah.

Folks want the effects of Christianity without Jesus Christ.  But you don’t get the effects of Jesus Christ without getting Jesus Christ.  Saved or unsaved alike, people realize when the Lord Jesus Christ enters in, he changes things by creating a separation of holiness from sin, of righteousness from unrighteousness, of fellowship from pleasure.  And change can be scary.  And change can be painful.  But don’t forget that the change is always for the better.