Hosea’s Ministry (Hosea #1)

Text: Hosea 1

Hosea’s Call (1:2)

  • Sign to Israel
    • One of the most unusual calls a man was ever given in that he was told to marry a wife of whoredoms.
      • General good advice is to stay away from this type of woman in Proverbs, but Hosea is a sign to Israel.
      • Whoredom is the opposite of faithfulness
    • Hosea would play the role of God as a sign to Israel and his wife Gomer would typify Israel.
      • Prepared for this call
    • Describe God’s relationship to Israel as a Bridegroom
      • Psalm 19:5
      • Song of Solomon
      • Isaiah 62:5
      • Matthew 9:15, 25:1…, – Deity of Jesus Christ
  • Scope of his call
    • 2 Kings 14-18
    • 2 Chronicles 26-32

Hosea’s Children (1:6-9)

  • Jezreel is Hosea’s son with Gomer
    • Jezreel is named after a famous city in Israel
    • In Jezreel’s lifetime God would avenge the bloodshed in Jezreel by bringing in Assyria to uproot the northern tribes of Israel
      • bloodshed from the worldly fundamentalist Jehu
      • Anointed king of Israel by Elisha, takes the throne by killing the king of Israel with arrow through the heart (Note the reference to the bow in Hosea 1:5)
      • Jeroboam II would be the fourth generation of Jehu as prophesied in 2 Kings 10:30.  After Jeroboam II, the northern kingdom would disintegrate into conspiracies (2 Kings 15) and Assyrian domination.
      • 2 Kings 14:25 Jonah sent to Nineveh
  • Loruhamah and Loammi are not Hosea’s children
    • Hosea’s wife’s whoredoms produced children of whoredom (Hosea 2:4) as a spiritual picture of Israel.  Adultery with the world had produced spiritually bastardized children.
      • Physically playing out what has spiritually occurred in Israel.
      • the culture is an outward expression of the spiritual life of the people
    • Loruhamah – no mercy; Loammi – not my people
    • 2 Kings 17:13-23 occurs in Jezreel’s generation

Hosea’s Christ (1:10-11)

  • Prophecy has gone from no more than 70 years in the future in 1:9 to at least 2800 years in the future in 1:10.
  • You will be called sons of the living God (1:10)
    • John 1:12, 3:3-5 – born again, sons of God
  • Judah (south) and Israel (north) gathered together and appoint one King
  • Ezekiel 37:18-28 comes on the heels of the resurrection in the valley of dry bones