Parable of the Sower

  • The sower is Jesus Christ Matthew 13:37
  • The seed is the word of God (Luke 8:11; Matt. 13:19)
  • The ground is the heart of the hearer (Matthew 13:18; Luke 8:12)

The Wayside Heart

  • Doesn’t understand, disinterested, devilish activity
    • fowls are devils in each parable
    • Revelation 18:2 birds attract birds
  • No understanding because the traffic is uncontrolled – no filter – busy
    • Heart is not applied to know wisdom as Proverbs 2-3 instruct
    • its the wayside, constant activity in this area
  • A very RELIGIOUS heart sometimes
    • words of God of none effect by your tradition.
  • Satan (Mark), the wicked one (Matthew), devil (Luke)
    • 2 Corinthians 4:4; Ephesians 2:2-3
    • Complete Bible ignorance: You will run into this VERY often these days if you do any amount of witnessing.
    • Pilate, Herod, Pharisees are good examples of this heart
  • Saved or unsaved?
  • Separate & Protect – If I want to raise a garden, I will dedicate a certain piece of land to it, protect that area, spend time in that area and plant the seeds that I want to harvest.
  • Unfortunately, this wayside scattering is the approach of most Christian parents.
    • Scatter a little Bible on Sunday morning and cross your fingers hoping something comes of it.
    • Dad, control the traffic

The Stony Heart

  • Emotional response to the words of God without any change of heart or desire for true righteousness
  • Generating and manipulating emotional responses yield these types of false conversions.  Why you may see a hundred people go forward at a concert or a pressured service, but you’ll notice that it is the words of God that will cause the split from this group
  • this problem is NOT at the surface
  • Received with joy and lost when tribulation “for the word’s sake” comes (Matthew & Mark record this phrase)
  • What was the problem? No root. (Revelation 5:5, 22:16; Isaiah 11:10; Romans 15:12)
  • Jews that welcomed Christ entering Jerusalem then said Crucify him later that week. Simon the Sorcerer would fall into this category too. 1 John 2:18-19; Acts 13:6
  • No Root – Jesus Christ not present – Jesus Christ is the root – Isaiah 11:10, Romans 15:12, Revelation 5:5, Revelation 22:16
  • Trial, tribulations, temptations weren’t the problem, they just revealed the truth.

The Heart in the Weeds

  • The words choked out with worldliness – influences
  • Cares of this world, deceitfulness of riches, pleasures of this life, worldly lusts.
  • It “becometh unfruitful” indicating that it had the opportunity to bear fruit (Mark 4:19, Luke 8:14).  Bearing fruit is its natural state.  If a farmer sees his crop not bearing fruit he will try to figure out what is wrong with it because it is natural to bear fruit.
  • The soil here is good, but there is competition in the heart
    • Common education these days will compete with the words of God
    • Bad music will compete with the words of God
    • Sports, Celebrity will compete with the words of God
  • Demas. 2 Timothy 4:10
  • Your time is valuable – particularly as kids get older when the flesh “wakes up” in the teen years and there are more battles your child will be fighting.

The Good Ground

  • the soil is well prepared when the seed is planted and fulfills the purpose God has for them
  • it takes root, grows and bears fruit in three categories: 30, 60, 100x
  • 30x — the 12 disciples
  • 60x — Peter, James and John
  • 100x — Genesis 26:12 Isaac, this would be John, the closest disciple to the Lord on the earth.  Paul would also fall into this.
  • the only factor in levels of fruit is the watering and care of the seed and fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. (John 15:5)