A Tour of the Cosmos

We’re forever fascinated with what’s out there.  Revelation seems to have always been associated with looking up.  The tower of Babel to reach unto heaven.  NASA, to reach unto heaven.  But absent of revelation from his Creator, mankind, even highly intelligent men who can process and store more knowledge than the average man, even he is relegated to superstition, darkness, and a natural brute mind.

This lesson will study out astronomy in the Bible.  We will take a tour of the cosmos from the Creator’s viewpoint.  Not from us looking out to see what’s there, but we will just listen to the Lord and Creator of the heavens so He can tell us what’s going on out there.  The Bible is so much more than a religious book that we crack open on Sunday.  NASA could learn more about space by taking all the money that’s been spent on its equipment and personnel and pay some Bible believing folks a decent annual salary to just search the scriptures.

The Structure of the Cosmos

  • Jeremiah 31:37 shows the incomprehensible size of the universe
  • Three tiers of the heavens
    • Genesis 1:1
    • Genesis 1:6 waters are separated by a firmament
    • Genesis 1:14-18 firmament is filled with lights
      • Firmament has the idea of firmness and strength so that he hangeth the earth upon nothing, yet it is held in its place
      • So when the Hindus thought the earth sat on the back of a giant turtle, the Lord had already said that he hangeth the earth upon nothing.
      • Some sort of properties out there like a fabric
    • 2 Corinthians 12:2 – third heaven is the residence of God
    • Psalm 148:1-4 the three tiers of the heavens separated by waters
      • Revelation 4:6 – sea of glass
      • 1 Corinthians 13:12 – we look through a glass darkly
  • Like a tent
    • Firmament has properties like a fabric.  The “fabric of space”
    • Isaiah 40:21-22 – stretched out
    • Psalm 104:1-2 – stretched out
    • Isaiah 34:4 – rolled up
    • Revelation 6:14 – rolled up

The Speech of the Cosmos

  • Communicates the glory of God
    • Psalm 19:1-3 – Not going to argue with atheists or evolutionists here.  The verse says what it means.  Which means you have to deny every reasonable, sensible, honest thought in order to throw out God.
    • Romans 1:20
    • Amos 5:8 – Seek him… You’re looking at the planets and the space dust and you should be looking to the one who made all of that
      • A God of order
      • A God of light
      • A God of consistency
      • A God of love and kindness – the stars would warn of the seasons.  The sky’s beauty would be shared with mankind.
  • Communicates God’s promises
    • How fitting that the cosmos communicates God’s promises.  Something so stable and consistent.
    • Genesis 1:14, the lights for signs, seasons, days, and years
    • Jeremiah 33:25-26
    • Noah and the rainbow in the first heaven
    • Genesis 15:5 – Abrahamic covenant
    • Matthew 2:2 – his star in the east is the morning star
      • Morning Star – Revelation 22:16, Revelation 2:28, 2 Peter 1:19
      • There was something happening astronomically with it at that time, see Matthew 2:9
      • modern astronomy calls it Venus, but the Bible doesn’t ever give it that name
      • 2 Kings 23:5 – planets are what the heathen refer to when looking to space for answers and worship.  Notice all planets are named for Roman gods.