Disobedience (Jonah #2)

Text: Jonah 1:1-3

Disobedience is not a matter of ignorance

  • Revealed word of God is what got Jonah running
  • You don’t have trouble with the things you don’t know about your relationship with the Lord.  The things that give you and me fits are the things we know and don’t do.

Disobedience is often disagreement with the grace of God

  • But Jonah
  • It’s never a good thing when God says one thing and you say another
  • Jonah thought the Assyrians didn’t deserve mercy
  • Ever seen someone get blessed that you didn’t think deserved it.  Evidently your heart isn’t lined up with God’s heart on it.
  • Insert your name here: But _________

Jonah made himself unavailable

  • Go to Nineveh, but Jonah rose up to flee unto Tarshish.
  • God said I need you to be a missionary to the Assyrian people of Nineveh.
  • Tarshish is Spain so Jonah goes in the opposite direction he is suppose to go.
  • The ships going to Tarshish are significant for the fact that Jehoshaphat had built ships to travel to Tarshish thirty years before according to 2 Chronicles 20:37.  The fleet had been destroyed by the Lord because of Jehoshaphat’s affinity with Ahab.
  • Tarshish is mentioned several times in scripture as a major economic hub of activity.  Among the references are 2 Chronicles 9:21 and 20:36.  It is mentioned in Psalm 72:10 as an isle of the Gentiles just as it is in Genesis 10:4-5.  It is mentioned in Isaiah 23 as a seaport connected to Tyre and Zidon. Ezekiel 27:12 speaks of the commerce from Tarshish.
  • Part of disobedience to God requires excuses and unavailability, so there is a plan to be disobedient.

Jonah hid from God

  • He flees from the presence of the Lord according to the scriptures.
  • This phrase shows up six other times in the Bible.  Adam and Eve do this in Genesis 3:8.  Cain does this in Genesis 4:16.  Satan does this twice, in Job 1:12 and Job 2:7.  Of Jonah it is said three times, twice in Jonah 1:3 and once in Jonah 1:10.
  • In disobedience you don’t want to hear God’s voice, you don’t want to be around God’s people, you don’t want to have anything to do with God.

The world will always accommodate disobedience

  • Found a ship going to Tarshish.  Surprise, surprise.
    • Just happened to be a ship, happened to be a spot on the ship, happened to have enough money. Could’ve said it’s God’s will since everything was working out.
    • Easier to disobey than obey
    • Lies travel much faster than the truth
  • But you’ll get the bill for the accommodations
    • paid the fare thereof
  • Easier to go down than get up
    • Wrong way
    • he goes DOWN to Joppa, DOWN into it