Soldier of the Cross

Text: 2 Timothy 2:1-4

The military establishment of the Roman Empire assured its tranquility and success.

A soldier:

  • has a country to love,
  • has property to defend,
  • has a share in enacting laws which were to their interest and duty to maintain.
  • is trained never to desert their standard
  • submit his own will to the commands of the leaders,
  • sacrifice his life for the good of the nation
  • Roman soldiers were inspired by pay which was excellent.
  • Knows valor alone is not enough. Military exercises are vital and continuous.
  • Roman soldiers used arms in the exercises were double the weight of those used in actual warfare.

The soldier of the cross has the following things.


  • Be strong…
  • Exercise is an integral part of a soldier’s training.  The body is pushed; muscles are broken down to rebuild themselves stronger, more flexible,
  • Military might is very valuable.  Strength in war can persuade the enemy.  Strength by destroying the enemy or a show of strength that would intimidate the enemy.
  • But the weapons of our warfare are not carna
  • Strong in God’s grace
    • Grace to save
    • Grace to sanctify – same grace that saves is the grace the keeps you
    • Grace to serve
    • Grace to suffer


  • A good soldier has the ability to pass on what he has learned to the faithful.
  • See four generations of wisdom in verse two.  Paul to Timothy to faithful men who teach other faithful men.
  • A good soldier is looking for good men to train because he sees a bigger picture than himself.  He recognizes that the mission is what is important.  And if he can multiply himself then much more can be accomplished.
  • A good soldier looks for men to train
    • Good candidate for training has a good testimony.
    • Good candidate is teachable and humble
    • Good candidate is already obedient where he is at.
  • Passing on wisdom requires you to
    • Have patience
    • Spend time with the ones you’re training.
    • Take him with you
    • Put him in the work
    • Share the vision
    • Pray with them


  • BUDS training – Mental endurance
    • Day in and day out, sleepless, hunger, stressed, thirsty
    • Water training – go for the blackout
  • Hardness from the world
  • Hardness from the flesh
  • Hardness from the brethren
  • Paul says endure it.  That is, stay faithful through it.  Don’t lose sight of your hope.
  • Why endure it?  Because you’ll find that hardness will help chip away the rough spots and will make you more like Jesus Christ.


  • Mission minded – the mission is the only thing.
  • Distraction is a tool of the enemy.