The Sleeping Prophet (Jonah #3)

Text: Jonah 1:4-10

The Storm

  • The Lord takes a fistful of wind and pitches it toward the boat.
  • Perfecting storms – A storm that takes something that is already there such as faith and strengthens it.
  • Pruning storms – A storm used to eliminate something that needs to be eliminated.
  • Preventing storms – A storm that clarifies the will of God by changing one’s direction.
  • Persuading storms – A storm that brings someone to the point of changing their mind.

The Sailors

  • The chastening hand of God on Jonah’s life is affecting those around him.
    • Sailors lost control
    • Sailors lifted their voices to their idols
    • Sailors let go of conveniences
  • But Jonah was fast asleep.  Jonah is the reason the ship is going down.

The Shipmaster

  • This is the captain; he is responsible for the crew and the boat.
  • When he climbs down to where Jonah is I’m sure he uses some choice words, curse like a sailor, hollers at Jonah to get out and help and pray if he has to.
  • His question and order are ignored by Jonah.  Jonah will never pray.  He doesn’t explain what he’s doing either.

The Sleeping Prophet

  • Types of sleep
    • Sleep of carelessness.  Reckless behavior.  Someone gets drunk and passes out and wakes up with some practical joke played on them.
    • Sleep of confidence.  No worries, rest your head on your pillow and sleep.
    • Sleep of callousness.  This is Jonah.  Live die, he doesn’t care, but he is not going to Nineveh.
  • Tragedy of this sleep
    • The one with the answers was asleep
    • The one with the right God was asleep
    • The one with the sin was asleep
  • Sleep is blindness to what’s going on around you.
  • Sleep is unresponsiveness.
    • Whether no feeling or no care.
    • It can put the person in danger.