Whale University (Jonah #5)

Text: Jonah 1:17

Herman Melville wrote a novel about whaling that became a classic – Moby Dick.  From it came a great coffee company called Starbucks.  Starbuck was one of the characters in Moby Dick who protested captain Ahab’s hunting of the great white whale.  But enough of the trivia, let’s get to the story.

The whale’s service

  • The Lord prepares a whale.  The book of Jonah says great fish and the New Testament says whale.  That tells you that God classifies a whale as an unusual fish.  According to most textbooks the whale is a mammal because of how it nurses its young.  Many scoffers have taken that mammal classification as proof the Bible has contradictions in it, one being that whales are not fish but mammals.
    • The mammal classification, or the idea of classifying animals the way we do today was thought up by Carl von Linne, a.k.a, Carl Linnaeus.  Some of the classifications have become obsolete.
    • The whale is undoubtedly a very unusual creature.  It poses a big problem to evolutionists because it would have had to be a fish that came onto land and turned mammal then went back into the water and turned into a whale with mammalian qualities.

The whale’s school

  • Jonah goes to whale university and learns a few things.
  • Cannot retract the commission of God
  • Cannot remove the call of God
  • Cannot run from the chastisement of God

The whale’s sign

  • The rare sign
    • Matthew 12:38-41, 16:4
    • Jesus came with many signs and wonders; what does he mean?
      • Jesus and Jonah were from the same area around Galilee.
      • Jesus and Jonah were both were first sent to Israel then to the Gentiles.
    • Compared Jerusalem to Ninevites
      • Both were wicked, but one repented and the other didn’t
      • Luke 11:30
  • The resurrection sign
    • The sign of death, burial, and resurrection
    • Mark 8:31 – Jesus was teaching the disciples that he’d die and three days later would rise again
    • Three days and three nights—times are the same
    • Dead in the whale, dead in the tomb
      • Jonah 2:2 he cries out of Hell
      • Jonah 2:5 he is covered by the sea to the soul—drowning
      • Jonah 2:6 his body is in the stages of corruption
  • The rejected sign
    • Luke 2:34
      • The Jews rejected Jonah
      • John 7:52 – Jonah was from Galilee as Jesus was
      • When they asked for a sign, Jesus had just finished performing many miracles
      • Unbelief is not persuaded
    • Another prayer out of hell in Luke 16:23-24
      • So the Lord Jesus Christ gave exactly what the man in hell asked for, except his reasoning was wrong.  Abraham was right, it won’t matter though one rise from the dead.