Thyatira Church (Revelation #9)

Text: Revelation 2:19-29

Author (vs 18)

  • Imagine a letter directly from the Son of God introducing himself as the God of judgement with fire in his eyes.  Remember Revelation 1:14-15?  This appearance of the Son of God is also found in Daniel 10:6.  In each of these letters the Lord threatens imminent judgement.  The reason is his return to the earth is imminent.
  • The Son of God is the Lord Jesus Christ.  His presentation in the four gospels is much different than it is now in the book of Revelation because his work is different.
  • Acts 16:14 is the only other mention of Thyatira.

Accomplishments (vs 19)

  • Works – Hebrews 4:9-11
  • Charity
    • Greatest chapter on charity is 1 Corinthians 13.  So there is some New Testament influence here.
    • Charity is giving motivated by love
    • Charity is the characteristic most like God
    • You can give without loving but can’t love without giving
    • You can have faith without having any charity.
  • Service
    • Service is ministry.  It is the “boots on the ground” as they say.
    • It’s the behavior and action that accompanies the doctrine.
    • It is serving.
  • Faith
  • Patience – Revelation 14:12, faith and patience a key part of their salvation.
  • Works again – always easier to start something then to finish it.  This indicates the Thyatirans were more productive in the end than at the beginning.  Some were growing and progressing.

Antagonists (vss 20-23)

  • Jezebel – Jezebel is the wife of Ahab in 1 Kings 16:31-34.   She seems to be the wickedness behind Ahab.  See 1 Kings 18:19 and 19:1-3.  See how Jezebel treats Naboth in 1 Kings 21:5-14.  She is wicked.
    • This is not her reincarnated in the future.  If this is a literal person named Jezebel in the future she is just doing exactly what Jezebel originally did.
    • It’s like the Lord scolding people for following Darwin. People are not literally following the man who has been dead a hundred years, but they are following him in the sense of following his ideas.
  • Jezebel taught them how to be led by their lust.  Instead of the Lord is my shepherd you might say the lust is my shepherd.
  • verse 21 People say give me my space.  If you want to know why God doesn’t strike you and I dead when we sin here is why.  He’s giving you space.
  • Judgement – Second coming of Jesus Christ is imminent and the warnings are much more intense as the wrath of God is about to be poured out on the world beginning in Revelation 16
    • Jezebel is cast into bedmake my bed in hell Psalm 139:8.  The phrase “made their bed and now they’ve got to lie in it” comes from this.
    • Those following her are thrown into great tribulation Matthew 24:21 which looks like it begins in Revelation 16:1 where the seven angels begin pouring out the wrath of God on those enemies of God.
  • The Lord trieth the hearts (vs 23)
    • The Lord is the business of trying hearts.
    • Churches shall know because of the targeted judgement on the wicked.  One or two deaths may seem like coincidences, but when entire populations who belong to certain belief systems are wiped out, it gets a little scary.
    • Psalm 7:9
    • One of our problems is that we think testing only involves major things in our life, so we despise the small things, waiting for something major, but God is interested in everything.  Do all to the glory of God.  Whether ye eat or drink, etc.
    • Exodus 16:4 that I may prove them… why not FEED them? B/C God knew he would take care of them, but he wants YOU to know that.  I read that and I’d be tempted to take some extra… One in the bag, one in the bag, one in the…pocket…
    • Works Judged –
      • Prove it by your conduct
      • Proverbs 20:11 – even a child is known by his DOINGS, not his heart.
      • Exodus 20:6 shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me AND do what? Keep my commandments.

Advantage (vss 24-25)

  • None other burden matches Acts 15:28 when the Gentiles get instruction
  • None other burden for those who have not gone after Jezebel’s false doctrine or the depths of Satan, as they speak
    • as they speak sounds like it’s a colloquialism: “as they say”
    • Proverbs 23:27
    • Conversation can be “deep” or communication can be “in depth”
    • Something so blatant as calling it Satanic seems too obvious, but how much is actually right in front of our face and we ignore it because it is so obvious?
  • Hold fast, persevere.  How would they hold fast?  See Hebrews 10:23-27
    • Considering one another
    • Congregating together
    • Convictions to guide
    • Cautious living in the fear of the Lord
    • Jude will add contend for the faith

Authority (vss 26-28)

  • Promise of a ruling class
    • Revelation 5:10
  • Given the morning star
    • 2 Peter 1:17-19