Waiting on the Lord

Text: Habakkuk 2:4 & Hebrews 10:35-38

How long?

There are a thousand messages in those two words.  There is a mother and father waiting for a prodigal child in those two words.  There is a saved spouse wondering what it will take to get the Lord to save their husband or wife.  There are missing children whose parents grieve asking the question “how long?”  There is a man looking for a job, running out of money and into despair indicting the Lord “how long?”

Don’t throw away your trust in God

  • Injustice
    • There is accusation in that question. The perception of injustice on the part of God,  Habakkuk
    • You’re in charge, how long are you going to wait before you get them back for what they did?
  • Discouragement
    • How long do I have to do this alone?
    • How long are you going to bless them for sitting around doing nothing?
  • Disappointment
  • Degradation over time
    • wearing out of the saints
    • The devil has much more time to work than we do. And his changes don’t have to be drastic, if he can move a generation a step in the wrong direction, then he’ll take that step and wait for the next generation.
  • Daily routine
  • Don’t Forfeit the Blessing
    • Jim Elliot – “Never sacrifice the eternal on the altar of the immediate.”
    • How many blessings are lost simply because we will not wait for the Lord?
    • Do you remember Demas?
    • Ambition – The devil can set a challenge before an ambitious man and watch him give chase instead of wait on the Lord.
    • Lusts – forfeit a good, loving and pure marriage for some hormones in the flesh

Longsuffering addresses need

  • Have need of patience
  • Growth occurs while you wait
  • To be an adult, you had to be a teenager.  To be a teenager, you had to be a child.  To be a child, you had to be a baby.  It’s a step by step process of growth.
    • What’s interesting is spiritual growth is like physical growth, you can’t skip steps.
    • If the Lord wants you to grow in an area, you will not move forward until you’ve grown.
    • Paul here said they had need of patience.  Why?  It’s the next phase of growth.
    • You know what happens if the Lord tries to grow you up and you get distracted and lose track?  If you ever get back on track, you will have to pick right up where you left off.  You know what the trouble will be if you get distracted, you may bring 15 or 20 to 30 years of baggage back into the relationship.
  • He told them they had NEED of something.  And what they had need of takes time to get.
  • Patience is perfection (James 1:4)

Wait on the Lord

  • What are you waiting on? The money. NO.  What are you waiting on? I’m waiting on the perfect man to sweep me off my feet.  NO.  What are you waiting on?  I’m waiting on a clean bill of health? NO.  What we are waiting on is THE LORD.
  • The Lord is the one you are waiting on.
  • Distraction is death
  • Lazy, waiting, but not on the Lord.

Just live by faith, not by surroundings or circumstances

  • So how do you wait on the Lord?  You live by faith.  Back to Habakkuk.
  • God often uses time to remove the things we rely on so we will look to Him.
  • Just shall live by faith means do right while you wait with joyful expectation
  • This kind of waiting means keep doing what you’re suppose to be doing and in God’s time, He will introduce the element you’re looking for into the mix (Luke 21:19).  So you know how you stop Waiting on the Lord?  You stop doing the will of God.