Prescription for Godly Growth

Text: Psalm 4

Enlarged me when I was in distress is a fancy way of saying I grew up when I was under pressure.  Look how big you are!  Something we say to kids we haven’t seen in a long time.

Accusation and failure in verse 2.  Constantly bombarded with my failures.  Spiritual failures.  I know folks who are afraid of ministry because they are afraid of failure.

It is the old testament version of Romans 8:28.

Prayer (vs 3)

  • If you’re a child of God, the Lord wants to hear from you.  More than that, he has set you apart so you have special access to the throne of grace.
  • God as a father seen in the opportunity of prayer.  Sometimes we pray with the same expectation as someone scratching off lotto numbers.  “Well, I hope this works, but it probably won’t.”
  • Opportunity because of who God is
    • Luke 11:2 Our father…
    • The simplicity of prayer the devil convinces us that prayer is not worth it.
  • Opportunity to ask
    • Prayer in religion is often an exercise, an obligation; religious maintenance
    • When the Lord Jesus Christ characterizes prayer he it is none of those things.
    • Prayer is asking.
    • Ye have not because you ask not.
  • Lord, for your sake
  • Lord, I don’t bring anything to the table here.  There is no reason for you to bless me or answer this prayer or even hear me, but Lord for THY SAKE.  But Lord, IN JESUS NAME, please
    • In Jesus name – seen as an incantation “in Jesus name” but it is not a magic spell that summons God
    • It means for his sake.  Lord I don’t have a good reason to expect an answer to this, but to say that it affects your name and things that are associated with you.

Don’t Sin (vs 4)

  • The temptation is to run to that old familiar sin that calms you down.  That relaxes you.
  • stand in awe – Think about all the benefits and blessings of God.  Get your mind on God and the things of God.
  • You need to do different things, godly things when you’re under pressure.  Find a different “escape” that puts the Lord Jesus Christ in focus.
  • This is why proving people prior to leadership is so important.  You watch them follow a certain path under pressure and that’s what they’ll be doing when you give them MORE responsibility.

Do right while you wait on God (vs 5)

  • Do what you’re suppose to be doing while you wait.
  • Trouble is often the excuse to do wrong.  Stress is often the excuse for sin.

Get a new perspective – where is God in this? (vs 6)

  • The people’s perspective was wrong.  Who cares for us right now?  Where is God in this?
  • I think about the disciples and how much time the Lord Jesus Christ spent dealing with their expectations and perspective on their time here and now.
  • I think about Paul and his letters and how much time he spends speaking to the churches about our perspective and expectations in this life.
  • Look for the Lord in it.
  • As a New Testament Christian, born again, new creature in Christ you have the benefit of knowing Romans 8:28 and really all of Romans 8, that not only do bad things happen, but God works in those things to improve you.

Rejoice in the Lord (vs 7)

  • sweet fellowship with the Lord that only comes in distressing times where He gives you a peace that passes all understanding.
  • It isn’t circumstantial peace – more gladness than when the corn and wine increased – I’ve got peace from you.  In fact, in this situation, I’ve got more joy than had
  • Rejoice in the Lord alway and again I say rejoice

Rest in the Lord (vs 8)

  • Not only don’t worry, but rest in the Lord.
  • Safety is of the Lord.
  • You can’t add anything to your life by fretting.
  • Get the rest you need.  Some folks systems are messed up cause they don’t get the rest they need.
    • Either thinking about something that needs to be done or worried about something.
    • Do what you can do and let the Lord deal with things.
    • Schedule your time.