The 1st Trumpet (Revelation #25)

Text: Revelation 8:7

The trumpet was used for several things in the Old Testament.  As we saw last week, so much of the Old Testament is prophecy of things to come and foreshadowing of future events.

First see what the purpose of trumpets were in Israel.

  • Call the people together – Exodus 19:13-19 and 20:18
  • Proclaim liberty in the land – Redemption – Leviticus 25:9
  • Signify certain victory – Conquering – Joshua 6:5, 20
  • Sound an alarm – Joel 2:1

Second, notice the manner of destruction.

  • Destroyed in thirds
    • 8:7 1st Trumpet – Hail, fire and blood, 3rd of trees and green grass burnt up.
      • Exodus 9:18-34
      • Psalms 18:11-15
    • 8:8-9 2nd Trumpet – As it were a great burning mountain into the sea, 3rd of the sea blood, 3rd ships destroyed, 3rd part of fish die.
    • 8:10-11 3rd Trumpet – Great burning star fell upon the 3rd part of rivers and fountains of waters made wormwood by Wormwood
    • 8:12-13 4th Trumpet – 3rd part of the sun, moon, stars darkened so third part of the day and night had no light (8 hours day, 8 hours night, 8 hours nothing) THREE WOES to the inhabitants of the earth
  • Destroyed by fire

Third, notice the scope of this destruction.

  • This could be the entire earth or…
  • This could be specific to the land of Israel as a warning to all nations.
    • The curse has spread and the Lord begins to renovate by fire.  Isaiah 24:1-13
    • Ezekiel 5-8:1
  • These first four trumpets target nature and some of the basic elements
    • Pollution – Psalm 106:37-38
    • Numbers 35:30-31, 33.  The blood is a curious thing and may explain why blood is being applied to the land.

Last, notice the first trumpet’s judgment

  • Hail, fire, and blood
    • Genesis 19:24 Sodom and Gomorrah is the first record of this type of judgment
    • Exodus 9:18-26 Egypt is the second
    • Joshua 10:6-1 Amorites are another group destroyed by hailstones
  • When God judges, the faithful are never harmed.