A Mother’s Prayer

Matthew 15:21-28

Savior Recognized (vs 22)

  • In Mark 7:25 she had heard of him and tracked him down.

Silent Reception (vs 23)

Sure Resistance (vs 23)

  • Flesh
  • Other people.
  • Sometimes you are not in the position of the woman in the text, sometimes you’re in the position of the disciples providing the resistance.

Selfishness Rebuked (vs 24)

  • Jesus said this isn’t about you.

Suffering Reiterated (vs 25)

  • Now she’s worshipping.
  • Humble and humiliated.
    • She came and aired out her dirty laundry.
    • Some of you are too dignified to get an answer to prayer.
    • Reminds me of the lady who said, Well, I just don’t believe in making such a fuss about my religion.  To which the reply was, Lady, if I didn’t have anymore religion than you did, I wouldn’t make a fuss about it either.
  • Desperation isn’t faith.  It helps you get to Jesus Christ, but it isn’t faith.
    • Esau was desperate according to Hebrews 12:16-17.
  • Not to undermine her desperation because it makes her prayer effectual.

Sound Reason (vs 26)

  • There are so many reasons why God should not answer my prayers.
  • The first of which is because of who I am and because of who He is.

Stronger Rebuttal (vs 27)

  • Prayer answered because I am exactly who He said I am; that’s the bad news.  The good news is He is exactly who He said He is.

Satisfied Request (vs 28)

  • She went home and her daughter was sitting up and I imagine she said, Momma, you won’t believe what happened!  My headache went away and all the bad thoughts went away and for the first time I feel happy.  And I imagine she grabbed her daughter and embraced her with tears streaming down her face.
  • Mark 7:30 That crumb went a long way.  It fed my daughter and it fed me.