Gospel Truth (Galatians #3)

Paul is continuing to give personal testimony of his ministry in the gospel to the Gentiles which he sarcastically calls the uncircumcision to reinforce the truth that circumcision doesn’t profit.  The purpose of this is to keep the Galatians to go back to any other religion or form of worship after they have trusted Jesus Christ to have forgiven all their sin.

In these verses he recalls his meeting in Jerusalem with all the apostles.  He does this in order by going to the pastors first before airing things out to all the Jerusalem congregations.

In chapter one Paul said, Look, I received eternal life, righteousness, salvation, and the Holy Spirit of God apart from any apostles.  There was no denominational hierarchy that conferred on me righteousness.  Now, that being said, Paul is going to say he wasn’t interested in being some lone ranger, so he goes to see the apostles.

Verified by a Jew

  • Paul brings Barnabas who was raised in the Jewish culture, Jewish religion and found out he could receive eternal life without all his religious

Verified by a Gentile

  • Paul brings Titus along

Defended by Paul

  • Bondage doesn’t mean physical chains, but a bondage of the conscience.
  • Paul loves God’s church.  Most Christians in the pews don’t understand this level of care for the things of God.
  • Gave no place to them.
  • The false brethren crept in because this new liberty in Jesus Christ eliminates them as the middle man.  These false brethren were never about getting people to God.