Paul’s Testimony (Galatians #2)

Remember in Paul’s letter to the Galatian churches he is dealing with legalism and its various arguments, particularly with the Jews that the Gentiles would need to be circumcised Jews in order to be saved.  Paul will destroy the idea of going back under the law with his own personal testimony.  Paul, like Solomon, had gone to the extreme living a certain lifestyle and concluded that it was vanity.

Paul continues to destroy the legalism of the Pharisaical Jews with the following four points.

The failure of religion in Paul’s past (vss 13-14)

  • You name it, he had done it.  And he had done it with zeal and excess.

The fulfillment of a relationship with Jesus Christ (vss 15-17)

  • Born of water and of the spirit as John 3:5 says; not baptized, but born.

The fellowship with recognized apostles (vss 18-19)

  • With Peter in particular who was recognized as the apostle to the Jews.

The faith of the redeemed in glorifying God (vss 20-24)

  • Paul’s new testimony by the grace of God
  • And they glorified God in me, not because he was living zealously according to the law, but because he had transformed.