The Motherhood of Sarah

Text: Genesis 11:30, 12:14-19, 16:1-2, 18:9-15, 20:1-3, 21:1-3, Hebrews 11:11

Sarah is a great woman of the Bible who you could say is the quintessential mother.  Everything the Holy Spirit records about Sarah’s life is in relationship to her son.  Sarah’s motherhood is very instructive not only in failure but also in success.  Here are a few things Sarah’s motherhood teaches me.

Loneliness of Failure (Genesis 11:30)

  • You’re introduced to Sarai in Genesis 11 by being told she is not a mother.  Not only is it said once, but twice.  Sarai was barren; she had no child.
    • She had no emotional satisfaction because she could not be fruitful.
    • The need to be needed can be very strong.
  • Some failures are indiscretions.
  • Some failures are indecision.
    • Fear of failure
  • Some failures are inabilities.
    • This is Sarah’s problem.  Her body was unable to bear children.  Not her decision, but she blamed herself.

Leadership of Fear (Genesis 12:14-19)

  • Go down to Egypt to avoid a famine in their land.
  • Fear is a terrible shepherd.
  • General Patton said, I never take counsel of my fears.
  • Notice the very subtle work of the devil in attempting to corrupt the promised seed.

Liability of Faithlessness (Genesis 16:1-2,15)

  • Abraham and Sarai have come back from Egypt with more than what they went in with.
    • Sarai has an Egyptian handmaid now.
    • They may even have some Egyptian culture that rubbed off on them.
    • Sarai suggests to Abram that Hagar be the surrogate mother for their heir.
  • Sarah went to work trying to figure out how to make a promise of God work.
  • Like religion says I’ll help God out in His plan.  Instead of believing and yielding to what God has already said, religion says let me try to accomplish in the flesh what only God’s spirit can do.

Laughter of Foolishness (Genesis 18:9-15)

  • Sarah’s thought that God could not bring forth a miraculous birth was unreasonable being that God was the Creator of the human body.
  • Is any thing too hard for the Lord?
  • Laughter when the Lord calls her out in Genesis 18 then her perspective changes.  Nay, but thou didst laugh.  The Lord revealing He knows everything about her.

Lesson Forgotten (Genesis 20:1-3)

  • This was done before in Egypt.
  • God’s divine protection on Sarah’s promised son.

Lord’s Favor (Genesis 21:1-3)

  • Sarah has a son.  She is fulfilled.  She will die a chapter later
  • The Lord visited Sarah.  A very timely visit.
    • Visit in the hospital.
    • Visitation.
  • Lord’s favor puts to rest Sarah’s desire, but raises a whole new set of problems in the family (Genesis 12:9-11).

Life of Faith (Hebrews 11:11)

  • To those who will simply believe what He says.
  • Miraculous conception
  • Impossible Deliverance