Dissimulation (Galatians #5)

Text: Galatians 2:11-16

Dissimulation – concealment of one’s thoughts, feelings, or character; pretense.

Dissimulation is faced head on (vs 11)

  • No gossiping or undermining the other person.  He goes to Peter.
  • This is the way to handle this situation.
  • Paul can’t allow Peter to harm the gospel and these believers.

Dissimulation caused by fear (vs 12)

  • Fear of man is the enemy of the truth.  Fear of man bringeth a snare.
  • Here is Peter who boldly preached to thousands of people on the day of Pentecost.  He was a pastor in Jerusalem.
  • Men, all men, have feet of clay.  And men have a tendency to love the praise of each other.
    • Wk 1 – fellowship and meal, Jews and Gentiles together and everyone is fine.
    • Wk 2 – fellowship and meal, Jews and Gentiles together and everyone is fine.
    • Wk 3 – Pastors from Jerusalem call and say they’re coming up to Galatia to visit.  So Peter turns around and tells the church, alright, when these guys come here we’re going to have the Gentiles over here and the Jews over here because you know how these guys will be.  So the Jerusalem disciples show up and everyone is separated.
    • Wk 4 – Paul shows up.
  • Peter has not a day in his life since he was saved think that keeping the law was the way to be saved.  But because he craved the praise of man and feared disapproval, he compromised.
  • It doesn’t take the threat of death to get good men to back down.

Dissimulation breeds contagious heresy (vs 13)

  • Friends are falling away because of this heresy.
  • Now, the way these things end is one of two ways.  Either the erring party gets right, admits they messed up and things are reconciled and go back to normal.  Or, the erring party holds on to the error and the Galatian church splits right down the middle and each faction goes its own way.
  • Good men are carried away by heresy.  Paul is exactly right to quickly address this unclean spirit worming its way into the congregation.

Dissimulation compromises the truth (vs 14)

  • Paul rebukes Peter because the truth has been compromised.  Without the truth, where are we going?
  • Some say details aren’t important.  Look, not eating ham at a meal because someone doesn’t want ham doesn’t matter.  Jews and Gentiles sitting at different tables doesn’t really matter.  But when churches begin to compromise the truth in order to get along with men who don’t care about the truth, that has to be rebuked and dealt with.
  • When you sell out the word of God to get along, all you have left is a social club.  And a social club that God has nothing to do with whether you call it Baptist or Bible or whatever.  Since you compromised God out of the thing, God has left.

Dissimulation must be exposed (vss 15-16)

  • You who are Jews know better than this, you can’t possibly be justified by the law and you know it.

How does this end?  2 Peter 3:15-16.  Peter made a lot of mistakes, but how about the fact that Peter always gets back up and makes the thing right.