Justified (Galatians #6)

Text: Galatians 2:15-18

Justified is the past tense.  It’s already happened.  So there are some landmarks, some things to remember about justification the Paul wants Peter to recall.  These are for our benefit to recall as well.

Voice of experience (vss 15-16)

  • Paul and Peter knew as Jews who lived under the law that no one could be justified by the law.
  • Paul reminds Peter of that fact.  We turned to Jesus Christ because we knew we were guilty by the law, not justified by it.

Voice of reason (vs 17)

  • You can’t be justified by Jesus Christ because you live according to the law – Jesus Christ plus my goodness.  You can’t improve on Jesus Christ.
  • The law points out criminals, it does not justify.
  • Religion is the biggest purveyor of justification by the law when it’s said, Do good and you’ll make it.

Voice of accusation (vs 18)

  • Paul says if I raise again the thing that condemned me then I will stand condemned again.  The law served it’s purpose in condemnation and pointing out sin.