Text: James 1:12-15

Reward for enduring (vs 12)

  • Blessing of a clean conscience
  • Blessing of an opportunity for the Holy Spirit of God to work
  • Blessing of a reward
  • The Lord is glorified when temptation is resisted
  • The saint is strengthened when temptation is resisted
  • Maturity in the Lord when temptation is resisted
  • Character is built when temptation is resisted

Reveals your affection (vs 12)

  • Temptation – it’s not about the struggle in the flesh.  It is about yielding.
  • The opportunity when Jesus Christ was tempted was an opportunity to yield to the devil.
    • Temptation is the devil’s way of saying to God when given the choice they’ll take me over you every time.
    • That’s what you learn in Job.

Reeled in by the devil (vs 13)

  • Matthew 4:3 the tempter came
  • 1 Thessalonians 3:5 … by some means the tempter have tempted you…
  • Temptation is generational.  The one who is tempted turns and tempts others.
    • Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.
  • Sin loves company.  It helps justify its existence.

Reason for temptation (vs 14)

  • Every man is tempted
  • Personalized temptation
    • The temptation to you is going to come in the form of something you fear, you enjoy, you love.
      • Can’t catch a lion with a fishhook, but a dead lion is no better than a dead fish.
      • It really doesn’t matter what he uses, so long as it works.
      • A trapper will keep setting a trap so long as it works.  (Amos 3)
    • Your lust resides in your flesh – 1 John 2:16
      • Lust of flesh
      • Lust of the eyes
      • Pride of life
    • The devil uses what’s already in you to draw you away
      • To cause sin – 1 Timothy 6:9
      • To create an appetite for sin
      • Devil not interested in one sin, or two sins, but a habit of sin
    • Serving God is spiritual rest, but it is also physical torment.  I am crucified with Christ.  You mean you don’t believe serving God has physical benefits?  Serving God has the only benefits, but Paul probably would’ve lived longer had he not served God.
  • The course and purpose of temptation
    • Enticing – drawn out using something inside you
      • You catch fish by appealing to their appetite.
      • You hunt animals by appealing to their appetite or at least finding out where their appetites are satisfied.
    • Conception – Opportunity meets your lust, sin is born
      • The hidden opportunities
      • Darkness presents what seems to be an opportunity
    • Sin ends in a grave.  Temptation is the enticement to do something contrary to God and hurtful to me and others.
    • The opportunity to kill yourself with alcohol poisoning is not a temptation.  But the offer to enjoy a beer is the enticement.