The Beast (Revelation #39)

Consolidates power in and around the promised land

  • Remember, this entire prophecy and judgment is a response to what has gone on in God’s promised land.
  • 7 heads which are 7 mountains where Babylon sits (Revelation 17:9)
  • Isaiah calls it the burden of the Assyrian beast
  • Isaiah 9:4 For thou hast broken the yoke of his burden, and the staff of his shoulder, the rod of his oppressor, as in the day of Midian.
  • Isaiah 10:24-27
  • Isaiah 14:25 That I will break the Assyrian in my land, and upon my mountains tread him under foot: then shall his yoke depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders.
    • Isaiah 13:1…burden of Babylon
    • Isaiah 15:1…burden of Moab
    • Isaiah 17:1…burden of Damascus
    • Isaiah 19:1…burden of Egypt (south)
    • Isaiah 21:1, 11, 13…burden of Edom
    • Isaiah 22:1…burden of valley of vision (Elam)
    • Isaiah 23:1…burden of Tyre
  • Jeremiah says the Lord is against the Gentiles, then names the heads of the beast that He is against.  Jeremiah 46:1 The word of the LORD which came to Jeremiah the prophet against the Gentiles;
    • Jeremiah 46:2…against Egypt
    • Jeremiah 47:1…against the Philistines
    • Jeremiah 48:1…against Moab
    • Jeremiah 49:20…against Edom
    • Jeremiah 49:23…Damascus
    • Jeremiah 49:28…Kedar
    • Jeremiah 49:34…against Elam
    • Jeremiah 50:1…against Babylon (51:25)
  • Ezekiel answers the question why judgment.  Because…
    • Ezekiel 25:2-3…Ammon…because
    • Ezekiel 25:8…because that Moab
    • Ezekiel 25:12…because that Edom
    • Ezekiel 25:15…because the Philistines
    • Ezekiel 26:2…because that Tyrus
    • Ezekiel 29:9…Egypt…because
  • Amos
    • Amos 1:3…for three transgressions of Damascus
    • Amos 1:6…for three transgressions of Gaza
    • Amos 1:9…for three transgressions of Tyrus
    • Amos 1:11…for three transgressions of Edom
    • Amos 1:13…for three transgressions of Ammon
    • Amos 2:1…for three transgressions of Moab
    • Amos 2:4…for three transgressions of Judah
    • Amos 2:6…for three transgressions of Israel
  • Obadiah about Edom
  • Jonah and Nahum about Nineveh
  • Zephaniah
    • Zephaniah 2:4…Gaza
    • Zephaniah 2:8…Moab…Ammon
    • Zephaniah 2:9…Moab…Ammon
    • Zephaniah 2:13…Nineveh

Consolidates adversarial power

  • 10 horns which are 10 given crowns to reign as kings with the beast (they give their power to the beast in Revelation 17:12)
    • Horn – Luke 1:69
    • Horn – Jeremiah 48:25
  • Psalm 83:1-8
  • Genesis 15:18-21

Consolidates all under the name of blasphemy

  • Notice it is one name here.  Name of blasphemy on all heads.
  • Revelation 13:16-17

Consolidates the most frightening parts of previous administrations

  • Daniel’s vision interpreted (Daniel 7)
  • The devil gives him his power, seat, and authority – Matthew 4:8-10.

The Beast is Attacked (vss 3-4)

  • So the heads are mountains on which the woman sitteth, in other words, they are geographical strongholds
  • Daniel 11:30-45

The Beast blasphemes God, His things, and His people (vss 5-6)

The Beast persecutes (vss 7-8)