A Little Leaven (Galatians #20)

Text: Galatians 5:9

Now this is a universal principle.

Leaven always represents something corrupt whether it be sin or false doctrine.  The principle, in context with what Paul’s saying here, begs the question “how far do you go?”  If this much, why not this much?  If marriage isn’t one man and one woman, why isn’t it also one man and eight children?  If I’m born this way, why wasn’t I also not born this other way?  You know the principle.

Character of leaven is concealed

  • leaven of malice and wickedness
  • these are sins of the heart, not open sins
  • the THOUGHT of foolishness is sin
  • leaven of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy (Luke 12:1)
  • that a woman took and hid (Matthew 13:33)
  • Jesus said beware of the leaven, so the woman takes and hides it
  • Leaven as false doctrine (Matthew 16:12)
  • At some point sin is in the wide open.  At that point that heart has fully concealed the sin and that soul believes they are right by rebelling against God.
  • We mistake little for insignificant
    • Maybe a few pictures.
    • Maybe a little cussing.
    • Maybe just a couple friends.
    • Maybe a little alcohol.
    • Maybe a little fooling around.
    • Maybe a little….
    • You get the idea.  You mistake little for insignificant.

Curse of leaven is corruption

  • Leaven works by fermentation
  • Yeast adds air pockets to the bread, puffs up bread
  • We think of ourselves more highly than we ought
    • When we don’t set boundaries for ourselves, it’s because we think we are more stronger than we are.
    • Carnal Christians sometimes run down others Christians for having more convictions.  Someone said, “They don’t watch movies because they think they are more spiritual.”  Let me help you with a thought like that.  They don’t watch movies because they know they’re not spiritual.
    • That Christian may have a better assessment of his relationship with God than you do.  He understands his weaknesses, but you don’t see them as weaknesses in your own life.
    • When we allow things in our eyes, ears, mouths, friendships, connections, business that we would never participate in if the Lord Jesus Christ was here with us.  The irony is that He is here and unfortunately we will give account without excuses.

Course of leaven is continuous

  • A little leaven, it is fantastically efficient in its defilement
  • You’ve never had a loaf that was inflated on one side and deflated on the other
  • Sex education with college students, teens, middle schoolers, abortions?
  • A change here in the bible, why not here too?
  • It’s work is not done until what it’s touched is complete
  • Wickedness has the advantage in this life
    • Be filled with the Spirit of God versus a little leaven.
    • God says ye must be born again while the devil can use you just the way you are.

Cure for leaven is to be cast out

  • The first time leaven shows up in the Bible (Exodus 12:15) the Israelites were told to put it away
  • It must be purged because corruptive things do not become purer by adding purity, they only contaminate.
  • Jesus Christ when faced with temptation always rejected it: presentation to understanding to rejection.
  • You’re told to flee fornication.  Flee youthful lusts.  Flee idolatry.  Flee covetousness.  Why flee?  Because you’re not as strong as you think you are.  You can’t handle those things if you hang around them.  They will get to you.
  • Corruption of a congregation
    • This is the second time Paul has used this phrase to describe what’s happening in a congregation.
    • The first time was in 1 Corinthians 5:6 with the open fornication going on.
    • This time it has to do with doctrinal error.
    • Either way, both break down the congregation and end up ruining the assembly.