The Excellence of Jesus Christ

Text: Mark 7:31-37

He hath done all things well is the definition of excellence.

Excellent so you want others to know

  • They bring unto him… (vs 32)
  • They brought their friend because the Lord Jesus Christ had a reputation for doing all things well, particularly healing.
  • What your faith can do for someone else.
  • Once they get their friend to Jesus Christ, there is nothing else for them to do.  But getting him to Jesus Christ was their job to do.
  • You may say it isn’t my job.  Well let me ask you something about these friends.  What kind of people would you call them if they had known Jesus Christ heals everyone that comes to him, they knew their friend needed help, and they were too busy to get their friend to Jesus?  What you would say is those guys aren’t worth shooting.  Those aren’t friends at all.
  • The Lord has been making that more and more clear to me as a pastor.  As we go door knocking, passing out tracts, etc., it is more and more about getting that person to meet Jesus Christ.  If self righteousness stands in the way of them meeting the Lord, then I show them why Christ’s righteousness far surpasses their own.

Excellent because Jesus Christ knows the need


  • Deaf, and had an impediment in his speech. (vs 32)
  • Sometimes it makes onlookers believe the person that can’t hear or speak right has mental problems when they don’t.  They are perfectly capable of processing information like anyone, but the muscles and the nerves in those sensory organs don’t function.
  • Many times the inability to hear leads to an inability to speak correctly.  And that’s true in a physical sense as well as spiritual.  You won’t be able to speak right if you won’t hear.
    • Haven’t you ever been caught off guard in an opportunity to speak up for Jesus Christ and kicked yourself afterwards because you couldn’t come up with the words to say?

Excellent because Jesus Christ is personal

  • And he took him aside from the multitude… (vs 33)
  • The people want healing, but the Lord Jesus Christ wants to reveal the character of God.  He’s going to do what they want, but in a better way.  Crowd has its idea of how things should go. The folks bringing the man have good intentions.  They want to lay the man before Jesus so He can touch the man to be healed. But Jesus Christ doesn’t just want him to just be healed, he wants the man to know that he loves him personally.
  • Our ways and our solutions are to end the problem as quickly as we can.  Just fix it Lord!  But God has a way of fixing the problem while revealing an aspect of Himself to you that ministers compassion because it is personal.  Jesus Christ doesn’t want to be known as the one that can heal you, He wants to be known as God incarnate who LOVES you  and desires to walk with you and fellowship with you.  There are several ways Jesus Christ can heal this man, he could have touched him.  He could have spoken the words right then and there.  He could’ve healed the man as they brought him to him.  But he chooses the way that  communicates to the man a personal interest in his own life
  • Here is a man who lived in isolation. If you can’t communicate it is impossible to have relationships.  Here is an outcast from society and for the first time in his adult life someone purposely brings him aside to be with him.  To see him face to face and to love him.
  • Everything Jesus Christ is about to do is for this one man.  Not the cattle call
  • He takes the man away from the multitude and sits across from him face to face making sure it is just the two of them.  Get rid of the distraction in order to spend some private time with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Starfish Illustration – make a difference to this one
  • He is not serving up the masses, He shows compassion one heart at a time. 
  • The Lord Jesus Christ wants personal time with you.  He wants to spend time with you away from distractions, private time, just you and him.
  • He wasn’t in the whirlwind, the fire, or the earthquake, He was the still small voice.  Jesus Christ doesn’t demand your time.  In fact the things that God commands never demand your time.  He is available.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ is personally interested in you because that’s His character.  He doesn’t love people, He loves you.

Excellent because Jesus Christ knows how to help

  • and put his fingers into his ears, and he spit, and touched his tongue; And looking up to heaven, he sighed, and saith unto him Ephphatha… (vss 33-34)
    • Gets him away from the crowd because the man is deaf and Jesus Christ can’t speak to him to tell him what to do, so he is going to show him.  In order to communicate visually, sign language, he gets him away from the bustling crowd where it is just he and the Lord Jesus Christ.  You say what is the Lord Jesus Christ doing?  That’s weird. It’s weird if you’re not deaf, but if you’re deaf it makes sense.  Jesus Christ is visually showing him what he’s about to do because he can’t tell him.  The man is deaf.  So Jesus Christ is communicating – sign language – fingers in the ears meaning I understand your problem.  You don’t have to tell me or show me, I understand.  He spits and touches his tongue meaning I also understand there something wrong with your mouth.  You don’t have to tell me or show me, I understand.  Communicating that the speech impediment is going to be fixed.
    • The man isn’t healed until the Lord speaks the words.  So the gestures he’s making up to this point are to communicate a truth to him.  That truth is, “I understand your frailties.”
    • And looking up to heaven – now he visibly points his gaze in the direction of the source of all help. he sighed and saith unto him, Ephphatha – a complicated and kind of funny word because of the muscular gymnastics your lips and tongue must perform.  But it was the word that made clear to a man who had to read lips exactly what He said.
  • A four year old child whose next door neighbor was an elderly gentleman who had recently lost his wife. Upon seeing the man cry, the little boy went into the old gentleman’s yard, climbed onto his lap, and just sat there. When his mother asked him what he had said to the neighbor, the little boy said, “Nothing, I just helped him cry.”

Excellent because Jesus Christ makes things right

  • And straightway his ears were opened and the string of his tongue was loosed, and he spake plain. (vs 35)
  • I love that part of the verse that says he spake plain.  He didn’t speak great swelling words, but when the Lord gets a hold of your mouth, you’ll speak plain.

Excellent because because Jesus Christ cares more for others than Himself (vs 35)

  • He tells them not to tell others.  At least not yet.  The problem is that He’s trying to keep out of the sight of the chief priests because His time to be crucified hasn’t come yet.  In spite of that, he heals this man.
  • His help would have a personal cost to Him.
  • He is charitable.

Excellent because Jesus Christ’s work goes far beyond what we expect


  • I find it funny that these guys brought their friend to Jesus Christ with an expectation of healing.  But not only did Jesus Christ meet their expectation, but went beyond.
    • It seems like most things in life you just have to lower your expectations so you’re not disappointed.
    • Ephesians 3:20-21 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, 21 Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.
  • We all know and say God can do anything.  We all know that the Lord has all power.  Yet, we are still surprised when He works outside of our box.
  • Surprise of answered prayer
  • Surprise of his work in obedience
  • Matthew 12:42 – 1 Kings 10:1-8 the half was not told me
  • Jesus Christ knows the need, and knows how to address the need.
  • Woman at the well said, Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did.
  • Well Jesus Christ didn’t explain her whole entire life to her, but he pinpointed the thing the defined her life.  Just like you and I there are one or two things that define our lives.  And if that thing isn’t Jesus Christ, we’ll forever be searching just like the woman at the well.  Never satisfied until she met Jesus.