Text: Philippians 2:25

In commending Epaphroditus, Paul portrayed his service as he became part of Paul’s core group.  Epaphroditus is a great servant and shows the fellowship of that service.

Service in the family

  • my brother – notice that Paul didn’t call him “a” brother; he called him my brother
  • When the church you attend is no longer “their” church but “our” church.
  • When you begin to serve and the folks with whom you serve become your family.

Service in the field

  • companion in labour – Paul commends the Thessalonians for their work of faith
  • Your faith should produce work – as James said, faith without works is dead
  • Work together for the Lord, sweat in the same field, get in the mud, the stickers, etc.

Service in the fight

  • fellowsoldier – this is when your service goes from laboring in the harvest and in the faith of the word of God to entering the battle.
  • After you sweat together in the field, now you’ve bled together.
  • Labor in the field has made you aware of your adversary and enemies that war against your soul.
  • Soldiers in the fight of faith endure hardness and do not entangle themselves with the affairs of this life.
    • Focussed on the mission at hand.
    • Everything is for the mission.

Service to the flock

  • your messenger – this is when your service takes you very close to the heart of the Lord because you develop a care for the sheep like the pastor does – your heart is involved with the sheep
  • You are no longer serving or teaching just to convey knowledge; you are ministering.

Service to the faithful

  • he that ministered to my wants – you arrive at the core of service when your ministry is to the minister
  • At this point your mindset and heart are identical to the mindset and heart of the pastor –
  • Your love for the Lord, for his words, for his sheep and for each other is the same – the closeness of your relationship in the ministry is indescribable with words.