Why You Won’t Follow Him

Text: Luke 9:57-62

We see the twelve disciples as though they were a part of fate somehow in becoming disciples.  That there was no way they couldn’t be his disciples.  But I want you to consider at least three people who could’ve made the cut but didn’t.

The Lord has another step for you to take with him, but you’ll find the reason that hasn’t happened yet is because of one of these three things.

Rash and hasty decisions (vss 57-58)

  • Trying to go from one emotional high to another.
  • You’re not considering the big picture and he knows the response is a superficial one.
  • Jesus explains that there are times he goes without basic necessities.
  • The cost of family
    • We want to soften the blow, but you realize Jesus doesn’t explain himself.
    • LISTEN CAREFULLY! – You and I underestimate what God is willing to let die in order to gain a soul and conform that soul into the image of Jesus Christ.
    • Jesus was a prophet without honor in his own home.
    • Some of you have paid this price.  And I want to encourage you.  If it were easy, there wouldn’t be a cost involved.  But you know exactly what Jesus Christ means when he says at some point it will come down to you following family or you following me.  Because you’re family may not want to go in the direction I’m going and the question is when they don’t want to go, will you still follow me?
  • The cost of following
    • Jesus Christ says Christianity is following me and I carried my cross.  You don’t get to call what you do following Jesus Christ unless you’re walking in the same steps he walked.
    • Walk in Jesus Christ footsteps.
    • He doesn’t ask you to go anywhere He hasn’t gone.
    • The problem with following is we don’t want to walk where he walked.
    • No servant is greater than his master.  Jesus Christ isn’t going to walk one path while you walk another and still claim to follow him.

Divided loyalty to other good priorities (vs 59)

  • Let me get my house in order.
  • Let me stop doing this and then I’ll follow.
  • Make my priorities your priorities.
  • When I started learning the Bible, no one had to tell me to go to church.  I found out where to get fed and I was hungry to get fed.  They say you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.  If that horse is thirsty, you don’t have to make him drink.  He’ll drink on his own.

Living in the past (vss 60-61)

  • Family member dies without getting saved and it’s scarred you.
  • Glory days aren’t here anymore.  Great, what’s that between you and the Lord?