Praying Hands

Text: 1 Timothy 2:8

Your hands are a great picture of prayer.  “Praying hands” are almost universal sign without words.

Access of prayer

  • Pray everywhere

Offering of prayer

  • Lifting up
  • Moses hands lifted up (Exodus 17:8-13)
    • His job
    • He had help
    • Battle won. Prayer in itself is a battle won.
  • Nothing in his hand
    • No weights to hinder my prayer
    • No other priorities

Purity of prayer

  • Holy hands
  • No sin being planned.
  • No blood on your hands.
  • No filthy hands.

Humility in prayer

  • Without wrath
  • Ever raised your hands in wrath?  You got mad and lifted your hands in anger.
  • Mad at God
  • Mad at others
  • Maybe anger isn’t your problem.  How about doubt?

Believing prayer

  • Without doubting
  • Ever raised your hands in a cynical way? Shrug your shoulders with your palms faced up and said, “I don’t know!”
  • Someone says God probably won’t answer it.  You can say he’ll either answer it or show me why I’m wrong to pray it.