God is Good and You Hate It

Text: Romans 2:4

God is good, all the time.  Aren’t you glad God is good?  No, you’re not.

This phrase is interesting in that it brings up the idea that people are opposed to the goodness of God.  You and I love God’s goodness directed toward us.  But when directed to others it shows us how little we actually care about God or what He’s doing.

Christian, you still have that old man who hates God’s goodness too.

We despise God’s goodness when it’s shown to people we don’t like

  • The argument Paul is making is to mankind in general.  You recognize moral failures in others.  But you ignore them in yourself.  You want judgment of other people when they do wrong, but you don’t want it for yourself.  Highly critical of others, but not of ourselves.
  • You say why does that bad person live on?  Sometimes because it is God giving them an opportunity to get it right.  What you didn’t ask is why do you live on?

We despise God’s goodness when it presents us with responsibility

  • God’s goodness feels like rules and restraints to me, so I’m not interested.
  • People said in Psalms, Let us break their bands asunder, let us cast off their cords.
  • What about when God would like to use us to present his goodness to someone else?  We despise it then too.

We despise God’s goodness when we’re overwhelmed with guilt and hopelessness

  • Some of you believe right now that you are too far gone in sin for the Lord to be of any help to you.
  • Now, instead of thinking that, what you ought to realize is that God didn’t lead you here, or put any of this together to throw it in your face.  God’s goodness is for the purpose of getting you where you need to be spiritually, mentally, emotionally, relationally, etc.  And the crazy thing about that is though you think you’ve gone further than God allows, He already knows how far you’ve gone and He still is pursuing you to get back to a place of blessing.

We despise God’s goodness when it’s presented to us by someone we don’t care for

  • You ever have someone you really don’t like say exactly what needs to be said to you?
  • Now, that’s painful.  When the accuser isn’t lying about you, but is telling the truth about you.
  • Ahab, a king in Israel hated the prophet Micaiah.  He hated Micaiah because Micaiah wasn’t a politician and wasn’t a “yes man”.  Micaiah simply said what God wanted him to say.  Ahab said Micaiah never says anything good about me so I hate him.  The problem was that what Micaiah said about Ahab was true.

We despise God’s goodness when it’s presented in a way we don’t like

  • Preaching is how God has manifested his word and some folks would rather it be given a different way.
  • The hypocrisy here is incredible.  You know you’ll accept a lie in almost any form.  Loud, quiet, with explosions, with profanity, violence, murder, hatred, screaming, etc.  I mean you want the preacher to tone it down, or not use such harsh language, but you’ll go home and absorb much worse from a movie that is completely fake.  Or from your buddies in conversation at work.
  • But how dare that preacher get too excited about the truth.  Or that Christian get too excited about being saved.  Tone it down a little bit, that’s so embarrassing.  Aren’t you glad you weren’t the mother of the girl who was raised from the dead by Jesus Christ?!
  • The truth is that presentation is not really the problem.  It is that we don’t like the truth presented to us that way.

We despise God’s goodness when it goes against how we WANT to think

  • You and I don’t like dealing with something contrary to our own ideas.
  • God’s thoughts are higher than our and his ways higher than our ways.  Of course they are going to be different.  And the Lord is trying to bring your thought up where His are.

Not saved here today, then you have despised God’s good sacrifice for your sin

Now, we are in love with the IDEA of God’s goodness.  But we are far from in love with a God who is good.

If we despise every attempt God makes with his goodness, if we push the life preserver out of the way every time He pitches it, there should be no question in our mind why we are drowning.