Perplexing Times (Esther #11)

Text: Esther 3:8-15

Now Haman will approach the king with a problem and a solution that needs the king’s approval.  The problem is the Jews.  The solution is Jewish genocide.  The plan is hatched and set in place that in twelve months there will be a day of Jewish massacre.  Notice Esther 3:12 the order is given and set for the twelfth month and thirteenth day of the month.

For the next twelve months in Persia, all the culture will be targeting God’s representation on earth and preparing for the eradication of God’s representation.

The chapter ends with the people being perplexed.  The decision to commit genocide doesn’t make sense to the people in Shushan.  The reason it is confusing is that there is no sense to be made of it on the surface.  The root cause of all this is that Mordecai wouldn’t bow down to Haman and Haman got mad.  And because Haman got mad an entire group of people fears for their lives.

Perplexing because of arrogant accusation (vs 8)

  • Haman accuses the Jews of not fitting into the culture.  He says they have laws that are different and contrary to the king’s laws.
  • The three complaints are:
    • Their laws are diverse from all the people – These people are different than us.  As much as the world may talk about diversity and acceptance, the world will not accept anyone different.
    • These people are law breakers.
    • These people don’t need to be tolerated.
  • Their laws are diverse from all the people
    • Political Correctness.  The world says:
    • Haman uses what we’d call political correctness.  He says the Jews laws don’t fit in with our culture, so we can’t suffer them.  There is no place found for them in our world.
    • Today they would say:
      • Creation is offensive so we’ve created a fake science that our people will go by.  If you don’t go by our fake science, then you don’t belong in our world.
      • Marriage is offensive so we’ve perverted our lifestyles and if you don’t accept our perversion then you don’t belong in our world.
      • Genders are not defined, they are subjective the world says, and if you don’t accept our perversion then you don’t belong in our world.
      • The Bible is offensive and if you dare bring it up we will make you pay for it.
      • Prayer is offensive.
      • Jesus Christ is offensive.
      • Passing out tracts is offensive.
    • The world says because you are not tolerant, we can’t tolerate you.  The world is full of hypocrites.
  • Neither keep they the king’s laws.  Haman says the Jews are lawbreakers.
  • Therefore it is not for the king’s profit to suffer them
    • When Jesus Christ was taken in the Bible says that Pilate knew that for envy they had delivered him.
    • John 15:18-19 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.  If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.
    • Hitler became the face of that antisemitic spirit.  Haman was the face of that antisemitic spirit.  The spirit is still here.

Perplexing because business moves in the direction of godlessness (vs 9)

  • Haman offers over $200M to subsidize the extermination of God’s people.
  • The world will make killing God’s people valuable.
  • Business of preying on God’s people.
  • Godless causes

Perplexing because the law moves in the direction of godlessness (vs 10)

  • Law moves in the direction of making a prey of God’s people.
  • Perverted judgment
    • Case law from constitutional law in the United States

Perplexing because government subsidy move in the direction of godlessness (vss 11-13)

  • Fake science
  • Perverted education

Perplexing because the people were told to prepare to exterminate God’s people (vs 14)

Perplexing because of a wicked man’s influence (vs 15)

  • Haman is very influential.  When a wicked man who controls the instruments of law and economics the people will be perplexed.
  • Haman is type of the Antichrist in this.