Lessons from Job

Text: Job

Satanic philosophy of your human condition

  • Job 1:9-1
  • Job 2:4-5
  • The devil believes that people don’t really love God.
  • Temptation is the crossroad.
  • James 3:15

Circumstances can indicate godliness, just not in the way we think

  • Jobs friends say there must be something wrong in Job’s life, God said there was something RIGHT in Job’s life
  • A church in Georgia was having a revival.  The pastor’s wife was very sick and in lots of pain.  As the pastor and his wife arrived at church that evening the pastor went up to take care of somethings, and a well meaning lady asked the pastor’s wife how she was.  The pastor’s wife said, Well, to be honest, I feel terrible.  The lady responded, I’m sorry to hear that.  Then she added, Sometimes makes you wonder what’s really wrong.
  • Isaiah 57:1

No answer during a test

  • God doesn’t speak until Job 38.  Job has no idea of the conversations going on between the Lord and the Satan.
  • Like the teacher says, Quiet during the test!  No talking.
  • Job 38:1
  • I don’t know that Job ever knew why he went through what he did.  When God reveals himself, there doesn’t seem to be anymore questions.

Spiritual growth that shows itself in a prayer life

  • Job 42:10 Turned the captivity of Job WHEN he prayed for his friends
  • How’s your prayer life?  How’s your prayer list?
  • Prayer for your enemies is LIBERTY!  It is FREEDOM! (Ulysses was the bright light in the youth group.  He became the song leader for the church.  Ulysses kidnapped by cartels to make drugs.