Hurricane Harvey Lessons

Text: Luke 8:22-25

Trouble doesn’t mean sin

  • there came a storm of wind…(vs 22)
  • Faith is nothing until it’s proven so trouble is necessary
  • Circumstances are not an indication of your relationship with God.  Carnal thinking says God is waiting to thump me.
  • Blessings don’t mean you’re right with God either.  God is good, He sends rain on the just and the unjust.
  • Consider Job, Paul, the prophets, apostles, Jesus Christ

Find security in who God is because you don’t always know what He’s doing

  • he fell asleep…(vs 24)
  • What is trouble to you is not trouble to God.
  • Not the sleep of apathy, but the sleep of confidence.  Disciples are thinking, what is he doing?
  • Psalms 46:10 – Be still and know that I am God
  • Do you know that God is good?  Do you know that the Lord loves you?  Do you know that the Lord is merciful and graceful?

Fear is focusing on the wrong thing

  • Where is your faith? (vs 25) – Great question
  • Faith cannot exist with fear
  • General George Patton after admitting to being scared during combat added this, “I never take counsel from my fears.”
  • Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus – Great advice

Never forget in the darkness what was said in the light (vs 25)

  • Find ourselves forgetting what God said when the storm comes in. He said, Let us go over to the other side of the lake. They said, Master, we perish.
  • It’s easy to believe God when the water is calm, but just because the waves have become boisterous and water is filling the boat doesn’t change what God said
  • God trieth the hearts

The intended outcome of your storm is a greater revelation of who God is

  • What manner of man is this! (vs 25)
  • The storm was instructive
  • There wasn’t another way for the disciples to see that Jesus had power over the elements; wind and water than by corralling them in a storm
  • How can God show you He is the Provider unless He puts you in a position of need?
  • How can God show you He is the Comforter unless you are in a position of great discomfort?
  • Illustration of Nick, Brittany, and Haddie