Haman’s Pride (Esther #17)

Text: Esther 5:9-14

Esther goes before Ahasuerus and invites he and Haman to a feast.  Haman is overjoyed.  He feels so important.  His ego has been stroked and he is on cloud nine.  But pride goeth before destruction (Proverbs 16:18).  And a man’s pride shall bring him low (Proverbs 29:23). Pride is the most sure way to get God working against you: for God resisteth the proud (1 Peter 5:5).

Pride is marked by personal indignation (vs 9)

  • Haman thought he was owed more respect than Mordecai was showing.  Haman thought he needed to be worshipped when he passed by.
  • Honor is fine when people are owed honor, but unscriptural demands of honor are marks of pride.
  • Haman was full of indignation.  That’s a great word.  Dignity is worth.  But indignant is to lose value.  And indignation is a state of losing value.  Haman was a legend in his own mind and Mordecai was devaluing poor old Haman.
  • Before you get all wadded up in indignation like Haman you better cool off by making yourself much less important than you are thinking you are.

Pride is marked by gathering support for your arrogance (vs 10)

  • he sent and called for his friends, and Zeresh his wife…
  • If you don’t cool your own indignation but instead begin gathering support, you are getting ready to take several people down with you.  Now, it may not look like that at the time.  It may look like you’re getting the upper hand by gathering support, but that’s not what’s going on.
  • Regarding communication:
    • You need to be careful who you bring into certain conversations.  And just because a thing is true, doesn’t mean everyone needs to know it.  That’s the caution on gathering support for things that are true.
    • What about when a thing is not true, but is just a result of your arrogance?  You know nothing good will come of it.

Pride is marked by self promotion (vs 11)

  • Haman talked about how rich he was
  • Haman talked about how God had blessed him with many children
  • Haman talked about his promotions in light of other incompetent folks around him

Pride is marked by a false sense of security (vs 12)

  • Haman was fascinated how he was in the inner circle with the king and queen
  • Folks drop names they think are big names to others to show their importance
  • All of this gives Haman a false sense of security.
  • This is how you become easy prey as a proud soul.  Flattery becomes easy with you.  Stroke the ego and you’ll be lulled into security.

Pride is marked by a nagging focus on personal offenses (vs 13)

  • All this availeth me nothing, so long as I see Mordecai…