Text: Psalm 143

Overwhelmed prayer request (vs 4) …therefore is my spirit overwhelmed…

David rises in influence from a shepherd to a king and his life is a life of trouble.  He developed his relationship with the Lord the way anyone who is going to be successful in this life must develop it. He ran to the Lord the moment he recognized he had drifted from the Lord or had been forced away by the enemy.

Run to the Lord for the answer (vs 1)

  • Going to the right person by going to the Lord.
  • Pleading for an answer characteristic of God’s nature.

Seek mercy (vss 2-3)

  • I have enough adversaries starting with my own self.
  • Lord, please don’t become another accuser.

Good people get overwhelmed (vs 4)

  • Not trying to pat you on the back, but that feeling of loneliness when you’re overwhelmed is a deceitful feeling.

You need to remember God’s work (vs 5)

Desire the Lord (vs 6)

  • Stretch forth my hand to that cake, that TV remote, that beer, that relationship, the drugs, etc…
  • You’ve stretched forth your hands to things that will make your burden heavier.

Necessary to hear from the Lord (vss 7-8)

Appeal to the Lord’s character (vss 9-12)

  • Lord, protect your own name.
  • For your sake do this, not because I am anything, but because your character is good.