Faith is Reason

Text: Isaiah 1:18

Isaiah 1:18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

The scriptures present God’s way as what is reasonable.

Invitation to reason

  • God’s not interested in a generational belief
    • Some religions are generational.  Some people say my family is Catholic so I am Catholic.
    • God isn’t interested in a set of beliefs that you were simply born into and have never thought about.
    • John 8:33-45
  • God’s not interested in belief that came by threat
    • Some belief systems are spread by the sword or terror; convert or die.
    • He isn’t looking for professions.
  • God’s not interested in what the masses believe
    • Some belief systems are spread by consensus and reaction and money.  Much that passes for science today are made up statistics for political purposes.
  • God is interested in convincing you with truth
    • Reasonable means you want to gather all the information.  And the Lord wants you to make the right decision and the right decision is based on objectively listening to God’s word.  It means weighing what your Creator said about things with true observations of yourself and what you see around you.
    • Invitation to reason says there is nothing to hide.
  • Reason is what you have when you get rid of ulterior motives, self justification, greed, and fear, you are finally in a position to reason.
    • Ulterior motive – Tragic situation of a criminal child and Mom or Dad defending because the criminal happens to be their child.  There is no reasoning there.
    • Self justification – Don’t lie.  You say, I’m not that bad.  I may tell little white lies, but at least I’m not as bad as…..  There is no reasoning there, just self righteousness.
    • Greed – Sure, I’ll look the other way for a few hundred bucks.  There is no reasoning there.
    • Fear – Everyone else is doing this and I don’t want to look weird.  You’ve lost the ability to reason there.

Stain of sin is reasonable

  • Stain is something that you can’t get out.  It has ruined whatever it’s touched by marking it forever.
  • It’s in your nature
  • It’s in your secret thoughts
  • It’s in your actions

Judgment of sin is reasonable

  • Judgment is a universal concept.  Everywhere in the world people have some sense of judgment.
  • One of the oldest documents in the world is code of law.

Redemptive Creator is reasonable

  • You ever wondered why God didn’t end your life the first time you used his name as a cuss word.  Or the first time you lied.  Or the first time you got drunk.  Or the first time you lusted after a woman or man that you weren’t married to?  You know why you and I weren’t dropped like a bad habit by our Creator the first time we strayed?  Because the Lord Jesus Christ is redemptive.
  • Structure shows God took care to put things together
    • Stars organized in the same constellations and cyclically moving through the night sky are God’s invitation to come now, let us reason together
    • Seed bearing fruit after its kind year after year after year, not haphazard idiocy of evolution, seed yielding fruit after its own kind says of the Creator come now, let us reason together
    • Look down the microscope and see proteins organized together and cell structures more complicated than can even be understood that says come now, let us reason together
  • Relationships show God is compassionate.
  • In addition to those illustrations, read what God just said.  Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.  That is the Lord saying I am offering you an opportunity to be justified!

Sin’s solution is reasonable

  • Death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • No reason to think God’s wants anyone to live in their sin.