The King’s Ring (Esther #25)

Text: Esther 8:1-2

The ring is the seal of the king.  It is the power of the kingdom.  This ring is a type of the Holy Spirit of God in Jesus Christ first, then to the believer.  In these verses there are three things the ring provides.  We’ll look at the what’s happening, then make note of the type.

Ring bore the marks identifying the king (8:2)

  • The ring was the royal mark.
  • Physical impression of the Spirit of God
    • Marks on Jesus Christ that denoted the work of the Spirit of God.
    • Marks on Paul that denoted the work of the Spirit of God.
    • Paul’s eyes, stripes, scars.
    • Show me the value of your belief by what it cost you in this world.
    • A biblical church service is a weird thing.  It only deals with the new man.
    • Here is a what a new creature in Christ looks like, so don’t bring this up again.

Ring was the authority of the king (8:8)

  • The ring carried royal authority.  A document stamped with that ring meant the king and his kingdom was behind this.
  • This seal would be the only way to undo the curse of death.
  • This king’s seal was the highest power in the land.  no man reverse…
  • Power of the spirit of God over a physical body in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Romans 1:4

Ring multiplied the words of the king (8:10)

  • Mordecai would put the king’s stamp on the new orders going out to undo the curse that went out under Haman.
  • Filled with the spirit of God and spoke boldly.
  • Preaching.