Wonderful Words of Life (Esther #29)

Text: Esther 9:20-32

You’ll see how Esther came to be a part of your Bible in these last few verses.  Mordecai as a great type of Christ authors  a document for the kingdom of Persia that resembles in many ways the Bible itself.  In fact, it becomes part of the Bible.

Author of these words (vs 20)

  • And Mordecai wrote…
  • Jesus Christ is the basis on which the Holy Spirit would write and record history.

Application of these words (vss 21-22)

  • …to stablish this among them…
  • Joy
  • Rest
  • Good day
  • Feasting
  • Exchanging gifts
  • Giving
  • Application of Mordecai’s words meant all these things.
  • The question has come up multiple times in the last couple of months about what we will be doing in Heaven.  Or, for that matter, on this earth when the Lord Jesus Christ is ruling in righteousness.

Access to these words (vs 23)

  • …the Jews undertook to do as they had begun and as Mordecai had written…
  • Oracles of God to the Jews first – Romans 3:2 Much every way: chiefly, because that unto them were committed the oracles of God.

Adversary identified in these words (vss 24-25)

  • These words of life identified Haman, his people, his method, and his destruction.
  • Joseph Stalin collapses on Purim in 1953 after ramping up anti-semitism in Russia.

Ascension of these words (vss 26-28)

  • Celebration of life for all who would be a part of it.
  • …such as joined themselves unto them…
    • It was to the Jews first, but now to all proselytes who would participate.
  • Is it necessary to keep a record?  Yes.  Why?
    • If we’re going to know anything about Purim, it will have to be recorded.
    • Applied to the Bible, if we’re going to know anything God, He will have to reveal Himself to us just as He said to Peter, Flesh and blood hath not revealed this unto you, but my Father which is in Heaven.
    • Is it possible that God would reveal himself to us? Yes.
    • What is the most complete way a loving God would reveal himself to sinners?  In a book.

Authority of these words (vs 29)

  • …wrote with all authority…
  • Mordecai, a type of Christ, and Esther, a type of a faithful Jew is who is used to make this document authoritative

Affirmation of these words (vss 30-32)

  • Peace
  • Truth
    • It is the truth, John 17:17
    • It is the eyewitness account.  Mordecai had been eye witness to the things he would commit to writing.  Jesus Christ is the same.  He is the Word.  And to call His book lies is to call Him a liar.
    • Where would you find truth if you didn’t have this book?
    • All experiences and doctrines should be laid to the plumbline of God’s words (Galatians 1:6-9, 2 Peter 1:13-21)
    • Every time the Pharisees would castigate Jesus for something his response was this: Have ye not read?!
    • Truth has fallen in the street, Isaiah said.
    • The words in here change your character
    • If we are too busy for the truth, we are absolutely too busy.
  • …to confirm…
    • 2 Peter 1:19-21 – proven over time, proven by the great company that published it, proven by trials
    • Words tried in a furnace of earth purified seven times.