Philip the Deacon

Text: Acts 8

Choosing deacons (6:1-4)

  • Reason arises (6:1)
  • Representation of deacons (6:2)
    • Deacons represented the pastors when the pastors could not be there.
    • Deacons are an extension of the ministry
  • Requirements of deacons (6:3)
    • Deacons need to come fully assembled, not works in progress.
    • Men
    • Honest report
    • Full of Holy Ghost
    • Full of wisdom
  • Results of deacons (6:4)
    • Apostles able to minister the word of God and prayer.
    • Ministry multiplied.

Culture of persecution (8:1-3)

Course of Philip (8:4-40)

  • Philip the deacon
    • Acts 8:1 says all the apostles stayed in Jerusalem.
    • 8:3 …they that were scattered… (not the apostles)
    • 8:14 …the apostles heard that Samaria received the word of God…
    • Philip ends up in Caesarea see Acts 21:8.  Philip the deacon is Philip the evangelist.  He gave some evangelists, that’s Philip.
    • Acts 1:8 …Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and uttermost parts of the earth
    • Notice Acts 8:1 and 8:5.  Philip is the one responsible for taking the gospel to Samaria as a result of the persecution.
    • Miracles being performed by Philip (8:7-8)
    • Stephen’s faith led him to be a martyr while Philip’s faith led him to head up a revival in Samaria and to house missionaries along the way.
  • Challenged by Simon (8:9-24) – verse 13 shows how deeply embedded Simon became.
  • Changed direction from a place of fruitfulness (vss 25-26)
    • Samaria was very fruitful, but Philip is then sent south to Gaza.
    • Sent to a very influential man, of great authority under Candace the queen.
  • Ministry is meeting people where they are 8:35 when they have an interest in the things of God.
    • You can’t force your way in.
    • You can’t manipulate your way in.
    • It has to be about the scriptures.  You don’t find people in the Bible who are indifferent to God’s words, but love God.
    • He needed a guide 8:31.
  • Philip’s house is in order (Acts 21:8-14)
    • He uses his resources for the ministry.  Missionaries abode with Philip.
    • He’s got four girls who are pure and serving the Lord (vs 9).
    • God is able to warn Paul one final time while he’s staying at Philip’s house (vss 10-14)