Resurrection Restoration (Easter Sermon)

Text: John 21:15-22

Peter was no longer a disciple because he stopped following and publicly denounced Jesus Christ, Mark 16:6-7.

Restoration of his work

  • Works meet for repentance…
  • Requires confession to the Lord
    • Not in a booth.  Not to a priest. But to Jesus Christ.
    • Three denials and three confessions.
    • Typical teaching agape and phileo.  It’s not true.
  • Requires cooperation with the Lord
    • Notice the Lord gives Peter something to do in response to his confession.
      • Repentance is taking advantage of a second chance.
      • The Lord is reinstating Peter.  He’s being reenlisted.
    • Cooperation with God’s work are the works that are meet for repentance.
    • Confession and cooperation with your part in God’s plan.
    • Making a confession is a big deal in some religions.  And that confession can seem like it’s more important than behavior.
    • Peter would become a pastor.

Restoration in his time

  • By what death he should glorify God…
    • The Lord now deals with Peter about time.
    • Peter would get old and be moved where he doesn’t want to be.
    • Peter’s death is not specified in the Bible.  It was presumably decapitation. He wasn’t crucified upside down in Rome.  That’s a Roman Catholic myth to get Peter into Rome. But he was never there.  As an apostle to the Jews, he had rare dealings with Gentiles for the gospel’s sake.
    • What was true of Peter in regards to the time spent in his life is true of people in general.
  • Because things don’t get easier
    • Ephesians 5:16 – redeeming the time because the days are evil
    • Take back what’s been lost by neglect or foolish time management because it’s not going to get easier.
    • Unsaved you need to get saved.  Like the old rich fool who said, Tomorrow I’ll build bigger barns.  He was a roaring success. He never once though what God thought about his life until that night.  He laid down planning to make the blueprints for his building program in the morning and the Lord said, Thou fool.  This night thy soul shall be required of thee…So is he that layeth up treasure for himself and is not rich toward God.
    • You might say God is unfair.  He should have given him another chance.  He shouldn’t have taken his life that night.
    • But you’re not understanding that time is not the man’s problem.  It is his use of time.
    • When you and I say we don’t have time, I believe we believe that’s true.  It’s true you don’t have time to do EVERYTHING. But you do have time to do what God wants you to do.
  • Because opportunities are lost
    • Neglect describes wasted time.
    • Procrastination is neglect.  How shall ye escape if ye neglect so great salvation?

Restoration of the individual

  • Then Peter asks the question we all ask, “Yea, but what about that guy?” speaking of John.
    • The Lord gives Peter a hypothetical to prove His point that “that guy” doesn’t matter when it comes to me and you.
    • Offences
    • Unfairness
    • And the Lord goes back to the question, What is that to thee?
  • Quit comparing yourself to others.
    • Because when you want to look good you’ll look at people you think aren’t doing as good.
    • Because when you want to pretend to be humble or normal or common, you’ll compare yourself to people you think are more spiritual than you.
    • Either way, you compare yourself to avoid the issue between you and the Lord.
    • In reality your issues are between you and the Lord, and not anyone else.
  • Jump to conclusions about what God is doing as He deals with individuals.
    • Job’s friends were like that.