Trials of the Righteous (Psalms #11)

Text: Psalms 11

It is one thing to say I believe God can save me from Hell.  It’s quite another thing to trust in God through this life. The subject matter probably seems repetitious, but  how often we don’t trust God.

Trial of rejection (vs 1)

  • A bird fleeing to a mountain is bird trying to find a safe place.
  • Run home to mama.  Or Go crawl under a rock.
  • This is a trial of trust.
  • David says this with some indignation.  Who are you to tell me to flee?!

Trial of injustice (vs 2)

  • Wicked attack anonymously like a hunter.
  • When the arrows begin to fly, but the righteous don’t know where they’re coming from, it is time to trust the Lord, not question Him.
  • Job experienced this more than any.

Trial of resolve (vs 3)

  • Attacked at the foundations
  • This verse is often taken out of its context.  It’s the wicked saying this, not God. The truth is in many cases the foundations are destroyed.
    • Marriage
    • Family
    • Walk with the Lord
  • When the foundations are destroyed in the Bible, people have to rebuild them like Nehemiah.

Trial Judge (vss 4-7)

  • Judge oversees the trial.
  • His eyelids try.  Like when you squint to get a better view of something.
  • Trial is for the righteous, but the verdict is already in as far as the guilty are concerned.
  • If this is the end of the wicked, why would I be afraid of them?
  • He watches and considers the righteous.