Moses’ Faith Pt. 2 (Hebrews #41)

Text: Hebrews 11:27

Faith that overcame fear

  • Moses’ faith overcame Egypt’s threats
  • Exodus 10:27-29 – Pharaoh tells Moses to go away and don’t ever bring this request back to me again!  Moses agrees that he will not see Pharaoh again. Just not for the reasons Pharaoh thinks.
  • Moses’ faith is exhibited in forsaking Egypt.  According to this verse, if he stayed in Egypt, why would he have stayed in Egypt?  What emotion did Egypt evoke? What emotion did Egypt evoke that would prevent faith?  Moses would have been afraid to leave if he was faithless.
  • The reasonableness of faith over fear
    • Pharaoh’s threat was that Moses would never survive by making Egypt his enemy.  But Israel has been killed, tortured in bondage, endured Egyptian laws put in place to ensure their death, BUT Moses is suppose to feel safe in the hands of Pharaoh?!
    • The world is so contradictory and hypocritical.  Threatening God’s people that they can’t live without Egypt while Egypt does everything it can to destroy God’s people.
    • We’ve said it before that faith in the Lord and His words is the ONLY reasonable thing in this world.
    • You ever have an opportunity to exercise your faith and your immediately hit with some fear?  You think if I obey God here this may turn out bad; this may hurt me? Did you ever stop and think that ignoring God and following the world will definitely hurt you?  That exercising faith is for your protection?
    • The voice telling you that doesn’t want you alive either.

Faith that pressed on

  • In order for Moses to see the mighty hand of God, he would have to endure.  At 40 years old, Moses killed an Egyptian because he believed it was his responsibility to deliver Israel.  He would be 80 years old when would lead Israel out of Egypt.
    • It wasn’t his job to redeem Israel; it was his job to lead Israel to follow God through God’s redemption.
    • Because God has called you to a service doesn’t mean you’re ready for that service.
  • Endures temptation
    • Moses was tempted by Egypt’s pleasures and comforts.
    • But his heart was where God’s heart was.  He was “out of Egypt” long before he was literally “out of Egypt.”
  • Endure distraction
    • Stayed focussed on what God wanted.
  • Endured boredom
    • Moses knew what God called him to do and had to sit on that for 40 years.
    • The temptation to think “God is not doing anything, what’s taking him so long?” is definitely there.
    • Is God worthy of your time?  If God is worthy of your time, why do you think he needs to repay you for your time everytime you give it to Him?  If God is worthy of your time, then it isn’t about whether or not you got something out of it, it’s about whether or not God got YOU out of it.
    • At best, it allows God to work, whether you know it or not, on others that will be involved in this redemption.  AND will give Him opportunity to work on you to prepare you for what’s ahead.
  • Endured cynicism toward God’s judgment
    • When Moses was told by God the Israelites didn’t believe him.  Exodus 6:9.
    • Not only that, Pharaoh didn’t care.
    • Not only that, Moses didn’t know how many judgment it was going to take to get Israel out of Egypt.

Faith that could see the invisible Almighty God

  • …endured, as seeing him who is invisible.
  • Endurance is motivation arising from the ability to see God clearly.
  • Faith to forsake Egypt is not self willed courage.  Faith to forsake Egypt was the result of Moses having a clear vision of Almighty God by faith.
  • Hosea 4:1, 6
  • 2 Corinthians 10:5
  • 2 Peter 1:2
  • John 17:3