Spiritual Warfare (Ephesians #46)

Text: Ephesians 6:10-12

The world believes physical attributes are credentials.  This strongest, fastest, richest, and most beautiful people operate well in this world system.  And if you accept those terms, you’ll be able to be a success in a dying world. For whatever that’s worth.  They believe that because the god of this world believes that. Look in Ezekiel 28:17

Nature of our warfare is spiritual.  The battle is often unseen. Illustration of carnal competition.  Playing football. Increasing physical abilities may make you a better competitor, but it has no bearing on spiritual battles.

Veterans here could explain much better than I the mentality of war.

  • Real injuries.
  • Real enemies that will not be shaking your hand when this is all over.  Real enemies with the desperation in this battle that if they don’t kill you, you will kill them.

This morning I want to take you through and show you behind the scenes warfare that no one would be able to see without a Bible.

Genesis 3, Eve’s temptation and the devil is able to change this world according to his plan.

  • Doesn’t fight fair, goes after Eve.
  • Temptation to know good and evil.  They already knew what was good, so the only advantage the devil was really offering was to know evil now.
  • Failing the temptation showed there was so much more at stake.

2 Samuel 24 and 1 Chronicles 21 David is moved to number the people.

1 Kings 22, God uses a lying spirit to seduce Ahab into a battle so that he’ll die.

Job 1-2 Satan causes natural disasters, moves thugs to kill people, and the Lord has unleashed the devil on Job to prove his loyalty is not the result of bribery.

Isaiah 37:14-36 Hezekiah mighty in prayer to call upon God to defend His own name in His city.

2 Thessalonians 2:9-10