The Atheism Psalm (Psalm #14)

Text: Psalm 14

Atheism is a fool’s religion

  • “I’m an atheist!”  As Ruckman says, “Could’ve fooled me.  You looked like an intelligent man.”
  • Atheism is a heart condition, not a scientific explanation.
  • …the fool hath said in his heart, There is no God…
  • Educated or not educated.  God’s scale is foolish or wise.
  • Successful man in Luke building bigger barns and God said, Thou fool.
  • The other side of this is a professing Christian, but says in his heart, There is no God.

Atheism is a dirty religion

  • After it is a heart condition, it becomes a filthy practice.
  • They are corrupt, the have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.
  • Yet, so many are on a crusade to rid the world of God and believing themselves to be “do gooders.”
  • Verses 2-3, the Calvinists love to point out that there is none that doeth good.  Of course they miss the first part of verse 2 that the Lord looked down from heaven to see.

Atheists have no understanding

  • …if there were any that did understand…
  • Romans 1:28, 31…without understanding when God is absent.
  • This is so evident.
    • Parents can’t understand that their son who picked up a doll still isn’t a girl.
    • Generations of drug abuse can’t understand why…

Atheists can’t find God because atheists aren’t looking

  • …to see if there were any that did … and seek God.
  • So being an atheist is like being a teenager.
    • You tell a teenager to clean up the mess in their room.  The teen stands in their room, looks at the mess, and comes out ignoring the mess.  Mom gets mad and says you walked right in your room, looked right at the mess, and pretended there was nothing to clean up.
    • Now, why would someone do that?  Because they don’t want to clean their room, so they’re not looking for a mess.
    • Or, they shove the mess under their bed.  Why? They don’t want to deal with the mess, so they cover up any evidence of the mess.
    • So an atheist, in spite of all evidence and instruction contrary, ignores God and complains that he can’t find God.
  • The God that atheists hate for being judgmental looked down from heaven not to accuse, but to find some redeeming quality in man.  Notice the Lord looked down to see if there was any that understood or would seek after God. So atheists aren’t looking for a compassionate God who seeks out redeeming qualities.  That’s why they can’t find Him.
  • …a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. (Hebrews 11:6)
  • Look at Romans 2:1-9 and notice the basis for someone doing good and God responding.

Atheists have no knowledge

  • Have they no knowledge?
  • You say, how is your daughter?  And this worker of iniquity will be offended because their daughter hasn’t identified as a girl yet.  How dare you claim to KNOW what it is!
  • You are harassed if you know anything by people who are educated.  You say you can know something and they say, “You can’t know anything.”
  • If you don’t know anything, I don’t want to be anywhere near you.
    • I’ve got to go to go to the grocery store.  How do you know?
    • That’s a red light.  How do you know?

Atheists hate God’s people

  • …who eat up my people as they eat bread…
  • Atheists have no knowledge, no understanding, no authority, but they sure have an opinion about God’s people.

Atheists fear for no reason

  • There were they in great fear because God was nowhere near them.
  • Cash will be no good.  Buy gold! (We accept cash.)
  • Coming Ice Age in the 70s.  Nevermind, global warming 90s.  Nevermind, climate change 2000s.

Atheists scoff at people who call on God

  • Ye have shamed the counsel of the poor, because the Lord is his refuge.
  • So this is the argument of the atheist, “How does an all powerful God allow evil?!”  Meaning God is not a refuge at all. If He exists then He’s no refuge. So the argument is there is no God.
  • Atheists are Calvinists because they believe if God existed, He would control everything.  They ignore that God gives man opportunity, responsibility, and the ability to choose.

The sigh of God’s people and the reason atheists are so bold is in verse 7: the Lord has not returned yet.