God’s Eternal Portions (Psalms #16)

Text: Psalm 16

Let’s begin at the end in verse 9.  See verses 9-11. So how do you get to that place?  We’ll look at three applications to this psalm. First of all David wrote it.  Second, it is applied to the Lord Jesus Christ. Third, it can be applied to you and I.

The Lord is my portion in verse 5 and that is what we’ll talk about tonight.  You can see God three ways in verses 1-2: God, LORD, and Lord.

My portion of life (vs 1)

  • David said Lord, I trust you, defend me because there is nothing else I’m looking to for defense.

My portion of goodness (vs 2-3)

My portion of supply (vss 4-6)

  • Sorrow and disappointment are multiplied when people trust in gods.
  • God has blessed us with this thing and that thing.
    • Went and got a loan to get another toy.  Is that really a blessing? I don’t know of a blessing that has to be paid back with interest.  The bank wants their “blessing” back.
    • I believe God wants to give you physical blessing, but He knows in your current condition wealth makes you proud and covetous.
    • Goodly heritage – Spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus.  Ephesians 1:3-12

My portion of wisdom (vs 7)

My portion of stability (vs 8)