God’s Guidance (Psalms #25)

Text: Psalm 25

The theme of this psalm is God’s intervention into men’s lives.  There are many things that go on in this world that are simply the course of nature.  There are many things that go on in this world that God has nothing to do with. There are many things that go on in this world that the devil doesn’t directly do.  The majority of what goes on in this world is man making decisions that he wants to make. You know that to be true because when God judges man it is man that is responsible for the decisions he made.

Trusting God’s guidance (vss 1-3)

  • First of all it is trust in the LORD.
  • Trust means there is no plan B.  If you don’t come through LORD, I will suffer loss.  I will be ashamed.
  • Trust means your shame or your glory is wrapped up in this person.  David says, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed…
  • God’s people are afraid their service will end up in shame because serving God is a shame to the world.

Guidance is how the LORD works in the world (vss 4-5)

  • Obviously not everyone is open to it, but those that are God guides.
  • God doesn’t eliminate bad circumstances, He directs and guides.
  • This is why he gives pastors and teachers and overseers so guidance can be provided.
  • Ethiopian man in Acts 8, how can I except some man guide me?  God sends him a guide.
  • Guide into all truth

Motives for guidance (vss 6-8)

  • Remember as though God might forget somethings.
  • It’s also about what the LORD bases His guidance on.
  • Sins of my youth David says.
    • Things picked up in youth.
    • Or things he did in his youth that he’s not doing now.
  • Thy goodness’ sake
  • Good and upright is the Lord therefore…

Who gets God’s guidance (vss 9-14)

  • Meek
  • Obedient
  • God fearing men

God’s guidance is salvation (vss 15-22)

  • …he shall pluck my feet  out of the net… bring thou me out of my distress… forgive all my sins… keep my soul, and deliver me… redeem Israel out of all his troubles.