The Lord My Rock (Psalm #31)

Text: Psalm 31

The theme of this psalm is at the end of it in verse 24.  When David sings of the LORD’S ability to strengthen those that hope in him, he likens the LORD to a rock back in verses 2-3.  So with this great illustration in mind we’ll go through this psalm preaching on the characteristics that make the LORD like a rock.

This is also a psalm, just like most of these psalms, that could be sung by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Strength of the Rock (vss 1-8)

  • Strength is ability.
  • Believable (vs 1)
  • Impenetrable (vs 2)
  • Highly visible landmark (vs 3)
  • Unmoveable (vs 4)
  • Incorruptible (vs 5)
  • Durable (vss 7-8)

Treasure in the Rock (vss 9-21)

  • Just like mining rock for valuable treasure, there is valuable treasure in Jesus Christ.
  • Mercy is in the Rock (vs 9)
  • Life is in the Rock (vs 15)
  • Light is in the Rock (vs 16)
  • Goodness is in the Rock (vs 19)
  • Kindness is in the Rock (vs 21)

Take hold of the Rock (vss 23-24)

  • Love the Rock (vs 23)
  • Trust the Rock (vs 24)
  • Hope in the Rock (vs 24)