Music in the Balance (Psalm #34)

Text: Psalm 34

The context of this psalm really adds to our understanding of it.  But before we see the context, let’s read a few verses of this song.

Now, it’s one thing to say all of this in Psalm 34 when things are good and there is no trouble, but quite something else when your being hunted and causing your family to be hunted.  David was being hunted by Saul. He and the men with him were starving when they arrived in a town called Nob where Ahimelech was priest. There they ate the shewbread and then fled to Gath of the Philistines.  Remember Goliath of Gath? David is infamous in Gath for killing their legendary giant. The king apprehends him and David pretends to be insane. Then Abimelech, aka Achish sends him away. When David is sent away he goes and hides in the cave at Adullam.  His family meets him there as well as several hundred men.

Ministry of music

  • Good music the answer to hopeless circumstances
    • Distressed
    • Debtors
    • Discontent
  • Playing for a depressed Saul and causing the evil spirit to leave.

Instruction for those with the LORD (vss 1-11)

  • Magnify the LORD
  • Seek the LORD
  • Fear the LORD

Promises for those with the LORD (vss 15-22)

  • Eyes of the LORD
  • Ears of the LORD
  • Face of the LORD
  • Presence of the LORD

Music by a king in exile for those who are with him

  • David is a king in exile, like Jesus Christ.
  • Now, let’s let the Lord Jesus Christ, king in exile, sing Psalm 34.
    • Distressed by life
    • Debtors because of sin
    • Discontent with the world (not in a bad way)