Benefits of the Storm (Job #22)

Text: Job 37

Job’s accusers made everything Job’s fault. Their view was limited to say the least. Elihu has brought a completely different perspective because he sees things from God’s perspective.

Elihu’s conversation with Job could be summed up with the words “Look up.” At the end of chapter 36 Elihu begins to describe how God uses the clouds. From verses 26 to the end of the chapter. Then in chapter 37 he focuses on the work accomplished in storms. In Job 37:13 he says the storm will bring about benefits that would never be brought about without the storm.

Now, I picture a storm coming as Elihu speaks. Because as Elihu talks about the clouds forming and the storm coming, the beginning of chapter 38 says God began to speak out of the whirlwind. I just see the men having this conversation as the clouds gather into a thunderhead in the distance. You can see the streaks of lightning and hear the crack of thunder as it approaches. And Elihu explains that the storm brings benefits that only the storm can bring.

Let’s read chapter 37.

  • The storm moves closer in verses 1-4.
  • Verse 5, Elihu can’t begin to explain the electrical activity, the work of the Sun in cloud formation, but all the processes at work that bring about the storm is how God is going to poor water onto his creatures and give them something to drink.
  • Verse 6 sometimes and in some places God calls for snow. Sometimes he calls for drizzle and light rain. Sometimes he calls for heavy downpours. According to his own working. And in answer to things that we don’t even know are questions.
  • Verse 7, to seal something is to close it. The Lord closes man’s hand so he cannot affect weather or storms. Man can only observe them. And the beasts simply enter into their caves, dens, and their places until the storm passes in verse 8.
  • Verses 9-12 the Lord directs the storms, he changes the temperature of the waters, and the weather accomplishes whatever purpose God has for it.
  • Just a note about the difference between the earth and the world in verse 12.
  • Verse 13 is what we’ll focus on – the benefits of the storm – but let’s continue reading.
  • Verse 14 Elihu says consider these benefits and the smallness of man.
  • Verses 15-24 Elihu talks about how limited man is when it comes to what God is doing.

Correcting a course

  • …whether for correction… (vs 13)
  • There is the benefit of changing someone’s course.
    • Maybe because they’re doing wrong.
    • Maybe because they’re doing right.
  • There is the benefit of chastening like in Jonah’s case.
  • Paul’s shipwreck where many folks are saved as a result.

Nourishment for the land

  • …or for his land… (vs 13)
  • There is the benefit of God feeding his creatures and making sure they are watered.
  • Water is life. And if the rain storms don’t come the land dies for lack of water.
  • So the storm may not be about you. But you will benefit from the water of it

Mercy for the dry and weary

  • …or for mercy… (vs 13)
  • There is the benefit of mercy.
  • If the land has been in a draught then the rain storm, no matter how much thunder and lightning there are, it is a welcome sight to a dry and thirsty land.
  • Sometimes the storm cleans away what needs to be cleared like in verse 21.