Anna (Christmas Series)

Text: Luke 2:36-38

In the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ we are probably familiar with the shepherds, the wise men, Mary, and Joseph, but Anna is a lady that doesn’t make it in the manger scene.   She is there when Jesus Christ is a baby and brought to the temple. There is not a lot written about Anna, but there is much said about Anna in what is written.

Anna’s reputation

  • The first thing of note is that Anna is a prophetess.  That means she had a reputation for giving good godly counsel.  Like Deborah who is a prophetess in the old testament.
  • It’s also a statement of her dedication to the things of God in regards to her priorities and how she spends her time.

Anna’s devotion

  • She learned to love the Lord first.
    • After her husband died, she didn’t remarry.
    • She spent all her time in the temple.
  • 1 Timothy 5:5 Now she that is a widow indeed, and desolate, trusteth in God, and continueth in supplications and prayers night and day.

Anna’s consolation

  • She saw her desire come to fruition.
  • Anna poured her life into the Lord’s work and it paid off.
  • When We See Jesus (hymn #?)

Anna’s public declaration

  • In verse 38 Anna publicizes salvation to all who look for redemption in Jerusalem.
  • She is a witness of the good news of peace from God toward mankind.
  • When you find what you’re looking for it’s exciting. “We found it!” 
    • Time of self examination for church going people on a Sunday night. Perhaps you’re not vocal about the Lord Jesus Christ like Anna because he isn’t really what you were looking for.
    • Church may be a way not to rock the boat in your family. And since you didn’t care about your old religion, you just go to church so your husband or wife don’t get mad at you.
    • Church may be what you grow up in, but that’s all it was. I do it because it’s what I know, but I’ve never really been that excited about the Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s revealing what and who the Lord chooses to record in his words and what He leaves out. Three verses devoted to a widow who was dedicated to the Lord and rewarded for it. Well done thou good and faithful servant.