God Manifest in the Flesh

Text: Isaiah 53

Acts 8:29-35

This Ethiopian man is reading Isaiah 53:8, which is an entire chapter thoroughly prophesying the work of the Lord Jesus Christ 700 years before it happens. Now turn over to Isaiah 52:13 and we’ll start there.

The Vine (vss 1-3)

  • The Branch shoots forth
  • Isaiah 10:33-11:5
  • Despised and rejected meaning few if any have believed. The reaction wasn’t belief, it was despising and rejecting.

The Lamb of God (vss 4-9)

  • Slain for sinners
  • Substitutionary sorrow, not his own (vs 5)
  • Shearers
    • Shearing means they are going to take from the lamb the part that will be a covering.  Jesus Christ was silent while they took from him what would be used to make a covering for sinners.

The last Adam (vss 10-12)

  • Eternal life
  • He is the righteousness of God
  • He is the King of kings